Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 26-30: 30 Day Disney Photo Challenge

My 30 day photo challenge has come to an end.  I've enjoyed the 30 questions and trying to come up with the "best" photo I could!  Thanks to Randy and Wendy for starting this challenge!  I look forward to what is to come.

Several weeks ago, my friends Randy and Wendy with Your Highway in the Sky, posted a 30 Day Photo Challenge on twitter (@fluffedmojo) and encouraged others to participate.  I took him up on his challenge and you can follow my 30 days on "A Disney Moms Thoughts" facebook page!  Here is a recap of days 21-25 from the challenge!  You can catch up on the days 1-5 here, days 6-10 here, days 11-15 here, days 16-20 here and days 21-25 here!

Day 26, May 23, 2011: A picture of the way you keep Disney alive when you’re not at the park
This blog!!  I keep Disney alive by blogging, sharing my thoughts, reading other blogs and connecting with Disney friends through blogs, twitter, facebook and the Magical Blogorail!
Day 27, May 24, 2011: A picture of the person you most love sharing Disney with 
I kinda felt guilty not choosing my son, but I do love sharing Disney with my husband Jonathan!  We've had so much fun on all our trips to the world together.  I look forward to the trip we can go sans kids and drink around the world together! :)

Day 28, May 25, 2011: A picture of your favorite place to hide from the crowds
Honestly, it's been so long since we were at WDW with large crowds that this question has me a bit stumped!  My first thought is back at the resort, but I don't like that answer!  So I'll go with the trails at Animal Kingdom.  There are so many quiet, quaint paths you can wander around at AK.  Most people are rushing between Kilimanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest and Dinosaur that they miss the splendor in the trails all around them!

Day 29, May 26, 2011: A picture of something you dream about happening to you at a Disney park  
That's a no brainer for me.  I literally dream of the night our family will stay in Cinderella's Dream Suite!  In 2008 the family 3 doombuggies ahead of us got the night in the castle.  I saw the cast member whip out the DVD player to show the family where they were going.  Jealous doesn't even describe my feelings that morning!!

Day 30, May 27, 2011: A picture that always makes you think of Disney
Obvious?  Yes.  My husband and I were in WDW for the half marathon in 2008 and this was our time during extra magic hours.  We walked around, took it all in, searched for hidden mickeys, read the names on Main Street and enjoyed each other's company!  This was one of my top memories from WDW so each time I see this picture (sitting on my dresser) I'm reminded of Disney and the wonderful morning we had that day. AND, this was the morning we saw the family "win" the Cinderella's Suite stay (see Day 29).

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  1. Awesome pictures!! When the Dream Suite opened, I nearly died. I too dream of staying there. I can't even imagine how awesome it would be!!