Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 6-10: 30 Day Disney Photo Challenge

Last week, Randy with Your Highway in the Sky, posted a 30 Day Photo Challenge on twitter (@fluffedmojo- he's great if you want to follow!) and encouraged others to participate.  I took him up on his challenge and you can follow my 30 days on "A Disney Moms Thoughts" facebook page!  Here is a recap the second five days from the challenge!  You can catch up on the first five days here!

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Day 6, May 3, 2011: A picture something you’ve never ridden/seen in the parks
I've technically seen The Boneyard at Animal Kingdom, but I've never been into that attraction.  Every time we've passed it there were so many kids in it we decided not to stop.  I guess it was a secret fear that we would lose one of the boys in the mass of kids!  Maybe in September we can remedy this!
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Day 7, May 4, 2011: A picture of your favorite in-park character
I hate to not day Mickey Mouse, because I still get giddy when I see him, but I'm going to go with The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  He is so stinkin' funny and interacts with the park guests incredibly well!  He has a great way of turning everything you say into something you didn't mean.  

Day 8, May 5, 2011: A picture of the ride you miss the most
This is definitely Journey into Imagination, from the 80s, for me.  I could have spent all my time at Epcot in this pavilion if my parents would have let me.  I do not enjoy the current Journey into Imagination and miss this one so bad!  These photos are from A Pictorial Souvenir of Walt Disney World.  I don't remember when we bought this book and there is not a copyright date.  

Day 9, May 6, 2011: A picture of your favorite Disney restaurant
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I know this isn't a restaurant most would consider their favorite, but I love the Garden Grill in the Land Pavilion at Epcot.  I think the food is good and there is something for everyone in our family.  I love the atmosphere as the restaurant turns through the Living with the Land attraction.  The character interaction is just icing on the cake!  Plus, our family has great memories at this restaurant!

Day 10, May 7, 2011: A picture of your favorite ride or attraction
After much thought, I chose the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover as my favorite attraction.  I do still call it the WEDway Peoplemover though!  I think I like the slower pace of this ride and the fact that everyone in our family can ride it- no matter how old, young, fast or slow they are.  Riding through Tomorrowland at night on the Peoplemover is the best!