Friday, May 6, 2011

Duffy the Bear...

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Have you met Duffy the Bear yet?  Not literally, unless you have, but have you heard of him?

I'm sure if you are a Disney nerd (as my husband so lovingly calls me) you've at least heard of him.

Here is a little back story from the Disney Parks Blog.

"You see, awhile ago, Mickey was about to set sail on an adventure to visit friends around the world. Minnie made a special gift to keep Mickey company and she presented it to Mickey in a duffle bag. Mickey, delighted with his gift, pulled out the gift, a very special bear, and named him Duffy. Mickey and Duffy embarked on many special voyages and Duffy got to meet all of Mickey’s friends. Each time they returned home, Mickey and Duffy would share their stories and photos with Minnie. While on their travels, Duffy and Mickey landed at Tokyo Disney Sea where they have been meeting and greeting fans for the past few years.

Duffy is not just your typical stuffed bear – he’s Mickey’s bear and he resembles his owner. Duffy’s face is shaped like Mickey’s, he has Mickey heads on his paws, and he has a very unique birthmark on his hip. There is no question who he belongs to."

So, my questions are:
Is this a true story?  Did Minnie really give Mickey this bear in an old cartoon at some point?  Or did Disney make this story up to add another character and sell more merchandise?

What are your thoughts about Duffy?  Love him?  or  Hate him?

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  1. We actually did meet Duffy on our last trip at Epcot. I had no idea who he was until we read the story in line to meet him. I'm not really sure about him yet - I guess if we cruised it would be different. However, I do not like that the Duffy bears in the Disney stores were $30, and that didn't include an outfit!

  2. I heard somewhere that Disney made up that story to bring Duffy to Japan b/c the Japanese had a tendency to like cute stuffed animals. Yup.

    Oh, btw - my husband calls me a disney nerd, too.. and tells me just to accept it and stop fighting!

  3. Yeah, I quit arguing over the "disney nerd" a while ago and told him he was just jealous! :)

    Amanda- I wouldn't buy a $30 teddy bear without clothes! I'm still not sold on him...

  4. I have a soon-to-be 11 year old who has never been into dolls but she LOVES stuffed animals. So, she's already asked that we buy her a Duffy bear on our trip next week (for her birthday) and then she'll use her $ to buy him some clothes. Who knows? Maybe she'll change her mind when she actually sees him - but right now, she's loving the idea of Duffy!

  5. Not a fan of the Duffy, it just doesn't seem like "Disney" to me. Seems kind of cheesy, not quite up to the standards that Disney has for itself.