Friday, May 6, 2011

Duffy Poll

So I posted earlier about Duffy and his story...

Now, go to the right and VOTE in my Duffy Poll!  Just for fun, I'd like to see what people's thoughts are about this fairly new bear.  I'm still indifferent.  Comment particular thoughts you have!

What do you think of Duffy the Bear?

Eh, whatever.
Hate him.
Who is Duffy?


  1. Gotta say, I love him 'cause daughter looooves him :) Picked him up in Feb. She sleeps with him every night and she has a huge collection of eligible candidates :) But, she chooses HIM! Go figure. Doesn't even wear an outfit - he's nekked...LOL! She's dying to meet him next trip down.

  2. So not a fan! Just a complete marketing scheme... I dunno, I'm okay with pin trading and though I don't partake in vinyl, I'm okay with it b/c it's a collection.. but a bear that was created so people would buy a teddy bear? no thanks.

    On a side note, Duffy was at the end of the half marathon course and was the only character the whole way with no line...

  3. I can see where kids would like him. he is cute, but he has no tie in to a movie, cartoon, attraction or anything. that's what I don't like.

    I totally agree with the marketing scheme! I thought it was just a way to get more $$ from guests!

  4. When we were in Epcot in March, we saw Duffy and looked at each other and said "Who the **** is that?" Guess you know my opinion! We passed on the opportunity to meet the great Duffy!
    Didn't know the story until your blog!

  5. I think he's adorable but I think the "background story" they gave him while creative is well imagineered:)

  6. Who is Duffy? He is very cute and I know my son would love him.