Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday's Favorites- Pirates and Tosh.0

Everyone's talking about Pirates this week since the new Pirate's of the Caribbean movie is coming out so I might as well follow suite!   Back in February, I posted about the Pirate and Princess Party at WDW in 2008.  Yesterday, my family's photo made the Parade of Pirates at Disney Go To Girl and I posted about The Pirate's League at WDW with the Blog Hop.  While I was working on that post and looking at pictures, I ran across this cute kid from the WDW Pirate's League page.

What a great looking pirate!  It makes me want to participate in The Pirate's League myself.  But as I continued to look at this pirate I was reminded of something and it took a few minutes for me to figure it out.

Then it hit me.

This looks very similar to the Zombie Kid... "I like turtles."  Have you seen him on youtube?  Or maybe a few years later on Tosh.0 in a web redemption?  (I know, it's a horrible, horrible show.  But it cracks me up!)

Anyway, those are my Friday's Favorites thoughts about Pirates... and Tosh.0...


  1. Haha! That video is HILARIOUS! I cry every time I see it. My husband and I watch Tosh.0 every night after the kids are in bed. It IS so bad, but so funny!

  2. That turtle kid scares me so much. lol. And dang Twitter and their 140 character limit. I am not skilled in saying what I want in that small amount yet. But! I first heard the I like turtles kid on 98.5 the sports hub, which is a sports radio station in Boston. Their morning show - Toucher and Rich - does a segment called Ask A Pink Hat. Clueless Red Sox "fans" get asked baseball related questions and hilarity ensues. You should check it out,
    I think you would find it pretty funny. :)