Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Magical Blogorail: "Sorcerer" on Sorcerer Radio

Welcome to those of you joining me from Growing Up Disney and those of you who have just hopped aboard. I am the final stop on our Magical Blogorail.

I had the pleasure of interviewing "Sorcerer" from SR.  He is the father of two young children, so that's why I got to interview him!  We both share a love of Disney and try to share that love with our two children.  Sorcerer is the creator of Sorcerer Radio (SR) and the lead DJ on Character Breakfast Podcast (CB) which is released every other Sunday on SR.  You will enjoy all things Disney on his podcast and I guarantee you'll laugh at some point during the show! :)

For my interview I asked Sorcerer a few questions dealing with Sorcerer Radio and his podcasts and a few questions about traveling to Walt Disney World in general.  I hope you will enjoy what he has to share with us as much as I did!

What was your inspiration for Sorcerer Radio and how did you get it started? Initially, I created Sorcerer Radio, so that i could listen to my Disney World music collection while i was at a former job.  They did not allow CD players, etc (this was before the MP3 player revolution).  I found a server to play the music on and eventually people started listening to it with me.  That was pretty strange at the time. lol

What's your favorite part of the Character Breakfast Podcast? 
I love interacting with the crew, Jeff, Pluto and Imagine.  Since I'm a working father of two, I don't have a lot of down time and squeezing in time to record the show and just take some time out to talk Disney with some fellow Disney fans is really relaxing and enjoyable.  A close second would be interacting with the fans and seeing their excitement when a new CB come out.  I get emails from CB fans, telling me that they listened to our shows all the way to Disney World, as they made a 10+ hour journey.  One member said that he feels like he is in the studio with us as we are recording, and that's something special.  For them to feel like they are part of our team and we are part of their world, really means a lot to me.

What advice do you have for my readers who are interested in doing their own podcasts? 
Be different, challenge the norm and don't feel like you have to be like anyone else that is out there podcasting.  There are some great informative Disney podcasts out there but I was never comfortable playing the "straight-laced" Disney aficionado role; because I'm not.  I'm just a regular guy who likes guy-stuff and happens to have a love for Disney as well.  I use to listen to Disney podcasts all day every day when i was trying to get started.  I wanted to be just like the other guys and it was just awkward.  Eventually i knew that to find my own style in the Disney podcast arena that i would have to cut that out. I stopped listening to other podcasts because they were clouding my interpretation of what I wanted CB to be.  I'm not saying everyone needs to do this, but it works for me.  Be yourself, be unique and be original.

If you only had one day at Walt Disney World, what would your day look like?  
Oh wow!  We did this once on CB and it was crazy.  I actually have an experience that sort of helps me answer this.  I took a two day trip and it was a blast.

I think I would try to confine my day to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot; my two favorite parks.I suppose i would start it off with a quick stop at the food court of my resort.  Grab a nice breakfast, then hop a bus to the Magic Kingdom for Extra Magic hours.  I would take in my favorite rides at MK; Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain.  I'd have to fit in a TTA ride and hopefully Pirates.  Then I'd jump the monorail to Epcot around 1 or so.

When I arrive to Epcot, I'd grab a quick lunch at the Cantina or Land food court.  Then it would be time to hit the Epcot favorites; Soarin, Test Track, Spaceship Earth and maybe Mission Space.  After that I would do a little drinking around the world.  Start it up in Canada and rotate around the World Showcase... of course I'd hit the Maelstrom at some point.

While I would love to do a sit down meal , time would probably not allot for it, so I'd grab some dinner at the Yakitori House in Japan (a hidden gem).  After my tour of the World Showcase, I'd set up for Illuminations and then if the Magic Kingdom was still open, possibly try to catch Wishes as well.  Finish it all off with a mug refill at my resort food court, and there is my one day at Disney World... now I'm ready to go ;)

What is your favorite memory at WDW with your family? 
Another tough one.  While the first visits for both of my kids was really fun and memorable, the one that i cherish the most was the final trip that I took with my grandfather.  He's the one that introduced me to Disney and took me when I was a child.  He loved staying at the contemporary and I just remember taking that last trip with him before he passed away.  I was seven and I can vividly remember us walking up to our room in the Contemporary tower and just marveling at the monorail as it passed through.  I like to think that he is still hanging out there watching the monorails every day.

What tips do you have for families traveling to WDW with kids? 
Be prepared.  Make a check list of things that you think you may need about a month before the trip.  Add to the list as you think of new things that you will need. If you are going during the summer, make sure to have sunscreen, misty fans, and towels for shade.  The BIGGEST thing you should pack is patience.  Kids are not adults.  They are not on our timeline and don't always want to do what we want to do.  If your kid is getting tired and fussy, head back to the resort for a nap and then recharge for some afternoon fun.  You'll enjoy yourself much more and your kids will love you for it.

What is your favorite dessert at Walt Disney World? 
I'm a Dole Whip guy, but i do enjoy the churros in Mexico

What is one attraction you must ride on each trip? 

Who is your favorite character to meet in the parks and why? 
I'm not a huge "meet the character" person, but i like to see my kids enjoy the meet and greets.  I guess if i had to pick, I would say Mickey, just because he is my favorite Disney character.

What is your favorite resort to stay in and why is it your favorite? 
This one is really tough. I guess my favorite would be the Polynesian with the Animal Kingdom Lodge coming in a close second.  I like the Poly because of the wonderful themeing and atmosphere.  It also is a bonus that it's on the monorail route.

Thank you for joining us on this Special Edition Magical Blogorail loop.  Make sure you check out Sorcerer Radio’s website for their daily broadcast schedule, Disney news and join the Disney conversations over in their forums.  If you are looking for even more Disney magic, head over to The Magical Blogorail website to see all our blogorail members’ blogs and our previous loops.

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  1. Sorcerer sounds like a very smart guy. I like his advice on packing patience! On our last trip, I was amazed by the number of parents we saw just screaming at their kids about how ungrateful they are and that they better start enjoying themselves! For Pete's sake, kids get hot and tired too!

    Great interview. I really enjoyed it.

  2. I agree, great interview! One of my favorite parts of CB is Sorcerer talking about his trip reports -- he has a laid-back delivery that makes the stories really funny in a Steven Wright kind of way.

  3. Loved the tip about the kids! They definitely have their limits and no one has a good time when they are pushed past them! LOL! Thanks, Sorcerer, for creating Sorcerer Radio because it brings me back the parks between trips! My kids love listening in too, though my three year old does refer to Sorcerer Radio as "Sorcerer Mickey!" :-)

  4. Great interview. Thanks for your support of Sorcerer Radio!

  5. Aljon and I might not have kids but I've spent time in the parks with kids and I think patience is definitely something you must have. Also, you have to realize that you can't do what you want to do, you have to do what the kid does. Another great interview!