Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts: Duffy

Well, this is my third and final post about Duff the Bear- I promise (at least for now)! :)

Last week I posted a bit of history about Duffy.  Then I decided to poll my readers and see what their thoughts were about this new addition to the Disney Family.  Here were the results.


As you know, I try to meet as many characters and get as many autographs as I can when I visit the parks.  When I'm at WDW this September, if I see Duffy and there is a minimal line, I'll probably meet him just so I can check him off my list.  But, I'm still not so sure I even like him.  I totally agree with what some of you said in the comments or on Facebook- you don't think it's up to Disney standards, it seems cheesy, the story is too imagineered and it's just a marketing scheme.  

When we were in the parks last December, we saw Duffy in a parade (I think) and I even asked my husband, "Who is that?", before I realized it was Duffy.  I think he is appealing to children- especially those who love stuffed animals and teddy bears.  But as an adult who has a sick love affair with all things Disney, Duffy doesn't do it for me.  I don't like the fact that there is a "made up" story to go along with him just to get guests to buy the merchandise.  Give me Rapunzel, Tiana or Aurora who has a full length movie to go along with them.  Or even Clarabelle or Pete who has ties to OLD Disney cartoons.  I'll even take the Country Bears (which I'm not a fan of) over Duffy.  At least those bears have their own attraction! 

So, there are my thoughts.  I'm still voting for Eh, whatever.  While I don't love him, I don't hate him either... after all, he is Mickey's teddy bear! ;)

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  1. I voted in the same category... who could hate Mickey's teddy bear?