Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disney Fortunes

As most of you know, when I'm not being a mom to my two boys or reading and blogging about Disney, I am a full time youth minister.  I have about 80 youth under my care in 6th-12th grades.  Being around this many youth throughout the week makes me very young at heart!  While I'm just weeks away from my 37th birthday, I still feel like I'm 23 and sometimes many times act like I'm 14!

Most of you probably played the same "game" with fortune cookies that I did when I was young.  First, you read the fortune and then add either "under the sheets" or "in the bed" to the end of the fortune.  Many times my youth will do this with the hymns in our hymnal at church... I do my best not to laugh or encourage this type of behavior though!

This weekend we ordered in Chinese food.  Jonathan and I both got really good fortunes- probably the best we've ever had (even before playing my "game").  Once I read them, I decided to play a new fortune cookie game and add "to Disney World" or "vacation to Disney World" to the end.  This is what we came up with:

Need some adventure and enjoyment?  Take a vacation to Disney World!
This year your highest priority will be your family vacation to Disney World!

I thought these were FABULOUS fortunes, however hubby thought differently.  I guess it's a good thing he isn't joining us for our September trip this year! :)


  1. What a fun "game" to play with your fortunes! I would love it, but like your hubby, mine probalby wouldn't think it that great either :)

  2. Reason #1 Why I Think You are Awesome: You are a kid a heart. My kind of gal! :o)

  3. Those are AWESOME fortunes!!! :-)

  4. What wonderful fortunes! And I love your new version of the game :-)