Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Disney helps you potty train!

Last month I posted about Disney Enchanted Calls.  Yesterday, my friend Sara, sent me a link to another site where you can have a character call your kid... if they are potty training... or if you are wanting encouragement for "pee peeing in the potty" for yourself!

You can have a Cars 2 character or Cinderella call your "Big Kid" as a reward for going potty!  You can log on to the Huggies Pullup web site and schedule three calls from the characters to congratulate and encourage your child.  You can listen to what the calls will sound like on the web site and then sign up for the call by entering your mobile number and the month, day, time and time zone.

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  1. I just scheduled the Cinderella call for my husband... teehee. He's going to be surprised!

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  3. I was wondering if something like this existed! Thanks for the link :)

  4. Amy- this comment made my day!! Why didn't I think of that!!! :)

    Tricia- it's deleted! ha!

  5. Just wanted to update on how "Operation Potty Training Call to Hubby" went... he got a text message to confirm the call. He thought it was just a spam thing from Disney, so I told him that he HAD to confirm it! He did, and then Cindy herself called :) I told him to come to your blog to read what it was all about, and he was LOLing loudly.. we were roaring :)