Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let the Memories Begin Tour

This past week the "Let the Memories Begin" tour started in Chicago.  If you aren't familiar with what this is, here is the blurb from the Disney web site:

"No one has to tell a parent how quickly kids grow up. But memories are the secret to keeping them forever young. And Disney memories? They're magical things filled with color, wonder and laughter. The kind of memories that dance for us in our dreams and live happily ever after in our hearts. We're sharing those kinds of memories across America with the Let The Memories Begin Tour. It's taking Disney memory making into towns across America where children and adults of all ages are enjoying a sample of the magic and fun that people enjoy every day in the Disney Theme Parks. You can also pick up a commemorative Disney Parks photo below as well as enter for your chance to take home memories of a lifetime on a Walt Disney World ® Resort or Disneyland ® Resort vacation that you could win by entering below. So don't wait a moment longer. There's a Disney memory waiting for you right now. "

Let the Memories Begin Tour Cities and Dates
Chicago, IL- May 30-May 31
Boston, MA- June 5-6
New York, NY- June 10-12
Washington, DC- June 18-19
Atlanta, GA- June 24-25
Dallas, TX- July 8-9
Houston, TX- July 12-13
Phoenix, AZ- July 19-20
Denver, CO- July 26-27
Salt Lake City, UT- July 30-31
San Francisco, CA- August 5-6
Portland, OR- August 16-17
Seattle, WA- August 20-21
Calgary, Canada- August 26-27
Toronto, Canada- September 2-3
Puerto Rico- September 23-24

I would love to be able to go, but my schedule won't allow it.  The closest city to me is Atlanta and the dates of the tour are while I'll be on the Junior High mission trip. :(  If you have the chance to see the tour in your city, please let me know how it is and what I'm missing!  I'd love to live vicariously through you.


  1. Hi Beth! I was at the Chicago tour and it was nice but not if the tour is the only reason someone is traveling for. We made a day of it and plus we are only a short train ride away from downtown Chicago. My family spent more time at the Interactive Disney store (over an hour) and only about ten minutes at the tour. The staff was very nice like all Disney cast members are and no wait at all. They even let my children take two set of photo but that's all it was, mall type photo booths. Also a Disney magnet for the photo. The only problem I'm having is the online photos are still not posted! They said 48hours but it's going on 5 days now.

  2. Rebecca- Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I'm glad you got to experience it and I'm glad I didn't drive 4 hours to Atlanta for the stop there! I thought there was going to be "more" to it than just a photo booth and magnet. If I were closer it would be fine, but not to drive 4 hours one way!!!

    Love your picture!! :)

  3. Same as Rebecca, it was really just getting your picture taken. Although I did love meeting a Disney Mom's Panel mom!! It made my day though, since I work literally a block from where they were set up!!

  4. Melissa- very cool! I met my first "mom" a few weeks ago and felt like I was meeting a rock star!! If I could walk to one of the stops, I'd definitely do it, but after hearing reviews, I don't think I'll drive hours to do it!