Friday, June 10, 2011

MNSSHP Halloween Costume... NEED HELP!

On the day tickets went on sale, my mom ordered our tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP).  We are so excited about this special event party and the excitement it has in store!  We have our trip in September pretty much mapped out and our Advanced Dining Reservations were made on the 180 day mark.  I think right now we only have 2 things left to do...
1) wait for the movie schedule to be released for the Campfire Sing A Long and movie at Fort Wilderness AND
2) decide what we are going to dress up as for the party!

That's where you can help us out!

We have 3 people in our party this trip: me, my mother and my son (he'll be 4 months shy of his 3rd birthday) who will be in his stroller.

We are trying to think of creative, yet easy and inexpensive costumes for the three of us to wear.  I've asked some of my Disney friends at church to help come up with ideas and this is what was shared:

  • Snow White (me), the old hag (my mom- not that you are an old hag, mom!) and an apple (C-man)
  • Snow White (me), the Evil Queen (my mom) and a dwarf (C-man)
  • Wendy (me), Mr Smee (my mom) and Peter Pan (C-man)
I even asked my Facebook followers for suggestions.  This is what was shared:
  • A Princess, Shining Armor, and Fairy Godmother 
  • Three Musketeers 
  • Fairy Godmother, Cinderella, a Mouse
  • Snow White, Evil Queen, Dopey (same as my church friends said!)
So there are 7 options.  Then mom and I talked and thought these would be easy costumes to come up with:

Snow White and 2 Dwarfs 

The Incredibles: Mom, Violet and Dash

Peter Pan, and 2 Lost Boys

Carl, Russell and Dug (and we can tie balloons to the stroller and put cardboard on the side to make it look like a house)

A puppy, Horace or Jasper and Cruella (the stroller can have cardboard sides to make it look like Cruella's car)

Mary, Bert and Michael

Now it's your turn... share with me what you think would be the best for us.  Once I hear your opinions, I'll make a poll for my blog to let my readers help decide what we'll be for the party!!


  1. I love the hench men and puppy idea, how unique!

    My husband and I are going at Fairy Godmother and GusGus :-)

  2. saw you on a rt from twitter - I think the scene from UP would be the most adorable thing ever It is very creative - the balloons and cardboard to make the stroller a house.

  3. Very creative on the Up one - I love the balloon idea! I think my favorite would have to be Mary, Bert and Michael, although I might be biased since that is my favorite movie :) I also like the Incredibles one too!

  4. Great ideas! I can see why you are having trouble choosing. I love the Up idea too, I think it would be unique.

  5. Since I'm one of the participants, I like either "Up" or Cruella, etc.

  6. I love the Snow White, Evil Queen, and
    the dwarf, that would be my vote. Those costumes would be so cool looking

  7. I love all of the ideas! Cant go wronv with a Disney family!

  8. Fun ideas! My vote is on Snow White, Evil Queen, and one of the dwarves.

    Looking forward to seeing your costume pics!