Saturday, June 18, 2011

Something About Me Blog Hop!

Disney Bird is hosting a new Blog Hop today... Something About Me Saturday.  All of you know I LOVE Disney.  Obviously, or I wouldn't have this blog.  But other than that, my readers don't know a whole lot about me and my family.  So I'm going to take advantage of Bird's blog hop to share a list of 20 my favorite things, hidden "talents" and facts about me!

  1. I hate to shop.  I don't mind grocery shopping when I have coupons, but I hate to go to the mall and shop for clothes, shoes, bags, etc. 
  2. My favorite TV show of all time is Friends!
  3. I've been watching Days of our Lives (on and off, when my schedule allows) since Bo and Hope got married in 1985.
  4. I love to sleep and can pretty much sleep anywhere.  I've slept during an SEC college football game against Alabama and Arkansas, I always sleep on airplanes, and I often sleep through Ellen's Universe of Energy!
  5. I've only owned 1 dog in my life, Maggie.  She is now 11 1/2.  It makes me sad to think about how old she is.  I've owned 6 cats and will most likely never own another one.
  6. I hate cheese- all kinds.  I will occasionally eat cheese on a pizza, but if they can make it without it, that's what I choose.  
  7. I like to run, but I'm getting too old to do it like I'd like too!  My knees and ankles can't handle the pounding like they once could.  I did manage to "run" the WDW full (2003) and half (2008) marathons.  
  8. I was a cheerleader in middle and high school.  I still love watching the cheerleaders at games and in competitions on ESPN!
  9. I love everything there is to love about Auburn University!
  10. I'm a Boston Red Sox fan and if I had to choose, I'd be a Boston Celtics fan and Pittsburg Steelers fan. I'm a Sox fan on my own, but I pull for the Celtics and Steelers for my husband.  I know nothing about hockey, but I'd pull for the Bruins, just because I love Beth Doda! :)
  11. My favorite movie is Grease.  The Little Mermaid is my favorite cartoon movie.
  12. I love Broadway and theatre!  RENT is my favorite show- I've seen it twice in NYC, once in Atlanta, once in Huntsville and once in Birmingham.  I also own the movie and all 3 soundtracks. The show poster hangs in my bathroom.  
  13. Avenue Q is my second favorite Broadway show.
  14. I can burp like a man- even when I'm not drinking beer.
  15. Speaking of, I only like domestic, light beer- straight out of the bottle.  And I usually only drink a 6 pack in a year! 
  16. I can eat my weight in chocolate- especially Cadbury Cream Eggs at Easter!
  17. I have a crazy collection of squished pennies from around the world.  This obsession started at Epcot! :)
  18. I love my job as a youth minister and I love all my youth like they were my own kids!
  19. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.  My boys are great kids and my husband is the best in the universe! 
  20. Today is my 37th birthday! :)
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  1. I'm your new follower.
    Just googled mommy blog, that's how I discovered your blog.
    Feel free to visit mine @

    I hope you will like my blog and follow me back.

    Happy Father's Day to your husband!

  2. Woohoo to New England sports!! LOL! Maybe by the fall I will have you fully converted to a New England Patriots fan!

    Love the list and love that Disney Bird is doing this. It is so true that many of us know each other's love of Disney but not much beyond that!

  3. I'm so glad you decided to join in! I was a cheerleader through school, too. I LOVE watching cheer competitions and what not. I think the injuries through the years with that are what keep me from running. I've been wanting to get into running for a long time, but my knees and ankles just can't take it. I, too, have been into the pressed pennies for a while. I have some from when I was my daughter's age. I finally got a nice book to display them in on our 2008 trip to Disney... in Epcot!

    Glad you participated. Seems we have a bit more in common than Disney :-)

  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    Hopping from the Something about me Saturday Blog Hop. That was a great list, and I'm totally with you on the chocolate, haha!

  5. Happy Birthday, Beth!!

    This was a really fun read. I too can burp like a man and put my husband to shame. hehe.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Beth!!!!

    shhh....I'm breaking the Father's Day weekend electronic silence challenge here...Love your list! Gotta go before they spot me..

  7. Happy Belated birthday!! :D I love friends too! Anyone who says they don't is obviously lying :P

  8. Great list and happy belated birthday! Im the 19th!

  9. Found you from Disneybird's Blog Hop! :)

    Leslie - One Year to Disney

  10. Happy belated birthday Beth!!!!!! it was great reading all about you, I feel like I know you better. I have never run I could never do it I was dead last when we had to do it in college got a grade, but if it wasn't for Bon Jovi tunes I never would have made it at all. Ditto on the Bo & hope I love them and hate when they keep breaking them up.