Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts: Preggo at the World

Recently I had a friend ask if she should take her daughters, ages 5 and 3 to Walt Disney World and I immediately said, "YES! They will love it!"  Then she said, "I'll be 8 months pregnant when we want to go.  Should I do it?"  My answer was still yes, if her doctor will allow it.  

I've been thinking about this topic and decided to write down some thoughts I've had and share some I've read online.

Before you even look at the list below, you need to talk to your OBGYN and make sure you are OK to travel and spend time at WDW.  If you are flying, you may need a note from your doctor.  Ask your doctor to recommend a doctor in Orlando- just in case!
a VERY pregnant Mariah Carey at WDW for the Christmas Parade 2010
1) Choose the month you travel to WDW carefully (if time allows)!  You don't want to be down in the heat of the summer being in the third trimester... at least I wouldn't!  
2) Talk to your travel agent about travel insurance, just in case you have to cancel your trip due to health reasons or a premie birth!
3) Consider that you will be walking a lot during your trip.  Your ankles will swell and possibly your hands.  Remove your rings before your trip and consider bringing shoes that can "grow" with your swelling feet!  Sandals that can't be adjusted to fit your growing feet may not be the best shoe option.
4) Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.  Plan breaks during the day even if it is to sit in the baby care centers and prop your feet up in the air conditioning.  If your schedule allows, head back to the resort during the hottest part of the day for a dip in the pool (bring a maternity bathing suit) or a nap in the air conditioning!
5) Bring a pregnancy pillow to use when you sleep.  It will help take pressure off your back and will hopefully prepare you for another day of walking.  
6)  Consider buying or borrowing a support belt to take pressure off your back.
7) Be familiar with the parks before you arrive.   Know where the restrooms are and know which attractions don't allow pregnant moms to ride.
8) Be prepared to cancel or change dining plans.  You may be starving before your reservation time or you may be disgusted by the menu options once the reservations arrive!  Be flexible.
9) Bring a water bottle from home so you can refill for free (remember you can get a cup of ice for free at the counter service restaurants!) and bring snacks to ward off morning sickness or to hold your tummy till the next meal.
10) If you are like I was when I was pregnant, I visited the restroom several times during the night.  Pack a nightlight to help light the way to the restroom!
11) If you are staying on Disney property you may want to think about getting a wheelchair.  They are free to resort guests if you sign the waiver and leave a credit card number on file.  You can use the wheelchair around the resort or take it into the parks.
12) I also read that you can visit Guest Services in the parks and request a "pregnant mom" pass which is similar to the handicapped pass.  I'm assuming this would give you special consideration for parades and such.  

Have you traveled to WDW pregnant?  Did you regret it?!  What additional advice would you suggest?


  1. Great topic and great advice... but very glad it doesn't pertain to me anymore! LOL

  2. You forgot about the spa. If you can swing it all of the spas on property have a Mother to Be massage. Well worth the money!!

    I was at Disney and had to visit Celebration hospital at 6 months. I highly recommend it if needed. I was put on restricted activity and Disney was fabulous!! Wheelchair was a must and the handicap access was needed and appreciated. With OBGYN approval, I would recommend it to anyone.

  3. I went at 18 weeks and had no problems - but couldn't do much. So many rides are marked "not for pregnant women" but I think some of them are silly (safari).. Definitely not as bumpy as my flight! next time I'll be sure to see what my doc says about rides!