Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: autographs

If you've followed my blog for a while, you know I love collecting autographs of the characters while I'm at the parks!  I save all my autographs and a photo with the character in a mini scrapbook.  You can click on the "Characters" tab at the top of my blog to see who I've met over the years.

Today, I'm going to share a few tips when getting autographs at the parks.
1) Use the park maps to locate character greeting spots.
2) When you get to the spot in the park where the character should be and you can't find the characters, look for the cast member who escorts the characters.  They are usually in blue shirts.  The characters have to take breaks.
3) If you are dying to meet a particular character, ask guest relations where they may be during the day.  They may be able to tell you exactly where and when to meet your special friend!
4) When you get in line to meet the characters, have your stuff ready- book opened, pen ready, camera set.
5) Using a fat pen or sharpie is best for autographs.  These pens are easier for the characters with "fat hands" to hold.
6) I've heard that characters will not sign with green sharpies.  This color won't wash out of the costumes.

I like to get autographs in the traditional WDW autograph book sold in all the gift shops, even though I tear out the pages to add to my scrapbook!  I like having that little bit of 'magic' when I'm standing in line  for the autographs!  Not everyone uses autograph books.  There are so many other options for autographs!
1) A hat.  My husband bought a khaki sun visor with a navy silhouette of Mickey.  He had the Fab 5 sign his hat.
2) On our trip in September, I'm taking the Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters to have them sign!  Thanks to Beth for the great idea!!
3) A pillowcase is another fun way to remember the characters.  Bring something hard to put under the pillowcase before they sign!
4) A friend of mine got a cheap canvas bag from a craft store and embroidered Mickey on the front and had the characters sing her bag.  Her daughter carries this bag to day care now!
5) A photo mat
6) A tshirt is another fun way to remember your trip and who you met.  However, the characters will not sign the shirt if it's on your body!  Carry the shirt with you and don't forget to bring something hard to put under the shirt before they sign.

I keep a list of characters I've met and need to meet so I don't "waste" time remeeting someone!  One tool you could use to keep up with you who have met is the pocket guide from Mouse for Less!  There are a lot of great lists on the internet of Disney characters to meet in the parks.  Just Google it and create your own list of who you want to meet, need to meet and have met!


  1. Thanks for the tips Beth! I am going to be getting autographs for Lexi, this will really come in handy. :-)

  2. Cute! I like the different ideas for an autograph "book"!

  3. Great tips! I don't get autographs but I do collect photos with the characters. But I am no where near your numbers!! I would also love to see the inside of your scrapbook!

  4. You know ... it seems obvious now that you point it out but I never thought past an autograph book! A signed canvas bag would be pretty awesome! :D Great tips beth! :D

  5. I was thinking about making my next post titled Marry or Date. I was inspired by another blogger's post. So if can can send me a list of people you would date or marry at Hughjackman18@yahoo.com, cool. I want to include people that everyone likes.

  6. I love the daycare bag! I wish I'd thought of that (or you'd posted this article) before our trip. My little C has a plain blue canvas bag he takes to daycare every day. That would have been awesome to have gotten autographs on! Thanks for the great tips!