Saturday, July 16, 2011

Alice (and friends) in Wonderland

While Alice in Wonderland is not one of my favorite Disney movies, I'll still stand in line to meet the characters- kinda like Chicken Little!  But I love interacting with these characters.  All of them are so much fun and have such fun personalities!

I met Alice during my trip in February of 2005.  I think we were at Epcot in the England Pavilion.  She was a sweet girl and had a delightful conversation with me while she signed my book.  She was shocked that I had not met the Cheshire Cat before...

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum were also met during the February 2005 trip.  This time we were obviously at the Magic Kingdom in front of the Tea Cups!  While I didn't ride that attraction, I did stand in line to meet these crazy boys!  It took me a while to get them to understand that I wanted an autograph!  They finally understood my request and this is probably one of my favorite ones in my collection!  VERY creative!  After they signed, one of them moved my sunglasses off the top of my head to my eyes and took my pen and balanced it on top of my sunglasses.  They insisted we take the photo that way!

The White Rabbit was also in February of 2005, but a different day, at the same location as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.  While he was very polite and cordial, he was not as funny as Dee and Dum!

The Mad Hatter was at the Magic Kingdom the same day as Dee and Dum, but on Main Street right outside Guest Relations.  He is a character to say the least!  He has a crazy way of twisting everything you say around.  He almost talks in double talk.  I can see why kids would not like meeting him!  We took the picture then I asked him to sign my book.  He asked what he was supposed to sign and I told him to write his name.  He said, "My name?" And you can see what he wrote when I answered YES to his question... "my name."  Then I said, "no, write Mad Hatter."  He said, "Mad Hatter too?"  I should have known not to say Yes, but I did.  So I got, "Mad Hatter, Too."   Oh well...

I met the Queen of Hearts during the Marathon Weekend in 2003.  Deb and I were playing at MGM that day and she was outside the Sorcerer Hat.  She signed my book and did not want to cooperate for a photo.  We finally convinced her to take a picture and she grabbed me and tried to take off my head!  Fun times!

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  1. You have quite the collection my dear. I love seeing them, and I especially love hearing the stories that go along with each one. It's wonderful that you remember it all :-)