Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blog Hop: JOY to the World

Welcome to A Disney Moms Thoughts!  I'm glad you stopped by.  If you are here from the Blog Hop, WELCOME!  If you came on your own, check out all the other amazing writers at the Blog Hop hosted by Lisa at Babes in Disneyland!

This week's Blog Hop theme is JOY!  The first thing I thought of when I saw the topic JOY was obviously my family's smiling faces at Walt Disney World- but that was too easy.  Plus, I use their mug shots a lot!  My second thought was Joy to the World and Christmas.  Since our last trip to Walt Disney World was in December of 2010 during the Christmas festivities, I decided to post photos of the place that I found the most JOY during our trip.  That was at Epcot during the Candlelight Processional.  The choir was amazing and the retelling of the Birth of Christ by Corbin Burnsen was spectacular.  I got chills multiple times during the show and cried at the end when they sang the Hallelujah Chorus.  

The Joy that I experienced during that show was three fold:
1) The Joy that I experience having Christ in my life.
2) The Joy that I have towards my family.
3) The Joy that I experience when I am at Walt Disney World.

At the Candlelight Processional I was at WDW, with my family, celebrating the birth of Christ.  It can't get much more JOYful than that!


  1. I would love to be at Disney during the Christmas season and experience the Candlelight Processional! It sounds like it's magnificent.

  2. The Candlelight Processional is more inspirational than most church services. It's a yearly event for my family. Thanks for expressing how joyous it is!

  3. I think it's awesome that Disney still does this. They haven't swayed to take religion out like so many other places have. Kudos to Disney for knowing what's important! Great post! I hope to see it someday!

  4. I thought of joy to the world too! It's been stuck in my head for like the past 48 hours! lol! The Candlelight Processional looks just stunning Beth! :)