Saturday, July 23, 2011

Make the Drive to WDW FUN!!

Being in North Alabama, we are only about 9 hours from Walt Disney World.  It's a very easy drive.  I've been able to break it down in three, three hour chunks: Three hours to Atlanta, Three hours to the Florida line, Three hours to Orlando!  Of course when we are traveling with the kids it always takes longer- restroom breaks, play breaks, food breaks, and gas breaks that include browsing the candy isles!

If you are able to drive to Walt Disney World, there are many ways to make the drive FUN!

1) Plan for breaks to play, run around and stretch.  It will make the hours in the car much more enjoyable!  If possible, stop at a playground, a park or a rest stop with lots of open space.  Pack a picnic for one of your meals on the road for extra fun!

2) Pack goody bags for the kids!  I'm always on the lookout for items to put in the boys bags for trips: crayons, coloring books, reading books, a new DVD, mad libs, candy, snacks, etc.  I try to make them all Disney themed to make the treats that much more special!

3) Bring snacks for the car.  If you don't pack snacks in the goody bags, bring extra snacks for the trip: rice krispy treats, trail mix, fruit roll ups, gummies, goldfish, etc.  Also bring a small cooler, if you have room, and throw in some juice boxes and raw veggies to snack on!

4) Make up games to play in the car.  We play car bingo, the ABC game, I Spy, the license tag game and Hiway Lotto (a game my grandfather made up!).  You can also buy travel size games now that are magnetic so the pieces don't get lost as easily!

5) Bring DVDs to watch if you have a portable DVD player or one that is installed in your car.  If this is not an option for your family, consider getting books on CD for the family to listen to as you drive.

What does your family do to make the long drives more fun!?

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  1. We're probably 13 hours to WDW and I have a feeling when we're a family of 4 and needing 4 plane tickets, we might have to make that drive.. sounds awful, but those are great tips! Love the goody bag idea!