Sunday, July 24, 2011

Make the Route to WDW FUN!

Two very unique web sites I have stumbled upon in my late nigh surfing are both geared towards making your road trips more fun!  If you aren't in a hurry and want to make a few detours or side stops, these web sites are for you.  You can choose your state, area, or location to see if there are any unique things to do or restaurants to eat at nearby.  While I have not had the chance to use these sites personally (other than check out the cool things to do in parts of our wonderful country), I think they would be so much fun to incorporate into a road trip!

Best of the Road by Rand McNally- You can click on a state and it will tell you the best places there!  If one of these towns or places is on your route and has something cool and unique to do, make a detour to check it out!

Roadside America is your online guide for offbeat tourist attractions!  If time allows, make plans to stop and see some of the oddities!

Have you ever used these sites or others similar to make your road trips more fun?  I'd love to hear about it!!


  1. We just returned from a 14 hour drive (each way) to Ohio. The Marathon iphone app was a lot of fun. We kept up with all the states license plates we saw along the way. My 7 yr old loved it. They also have car bingo and a few other apps have other road games (all free). we found 41 license plates!

  2. We're in the midst of planning a little road trip right now, although sadly not to Disney :-( Thanks for sharing these. I'll definitely check them out!

    And thanks Lisa for sharing the idea for the phone apps! I'll be looking for some of those as well!