Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday's Memories: Millennium Village at Epcot

I've been reminiscing a lot lately about our past trips to Walt Disney World.  My mom gave me some of her albums of our Disney photographs.  These pictures have sparked so many wonderful memories!!  One memory I had, but could not find any old photographs from the inside to go along with the memory, was the Millennium Village at Epcot.

I can't remember when I visited the Millennium Village- either December 1999 to ring in 2000 or June of 2000.  This was a part of the Disney Millennium Celebration.  You could find the pavilion between The United Kingdom and Canada.  While you were there, you could learn about 50 countries from all over the world that were not already present around the World Showcase.  This was an interactive exposition where ambassadors from each country would talk about their homelands- similar to the cast members at the countries in the World Showcase.  There were interactive exhibits, artisans from different countries, food samples and entertainment.  I remember seeing information about how many of the countries had projects that would better the lives of the local people- growing healthy crops, women selling their artwork to raise money for health care, finding creative ways to attain safe water and finding ways to learn about weather to keep people safe.  I remember in the Israel exhibit seeing a tour of the history of Jerusalem and being able to send a message to the Western Wall.  This was especially exciting to me since I had been to Jerusalem in 1991!

One thing I do remember is that I didn't spend enough time exploring this amazing pavilion.  I remember "blazing through it" and not taking the time to soak it all in.  I'm sure I was in a hurry to get back on Test Track or something!  I wish I could go back in time and do this pavilion the right way!

When visitors left the Millennium Pavilion they were asked, "What is your gift to the World?"

What an awesome question!  Each person has a gift to share with this world, but not everyone takes the time to discover what their gift is to share.

I'll close by challenging you with the same question-
What is your gift to the World?


  1. An Open Mind.

    I accept people for who they are, even though I may not always understand or agree with their "way" of doing life.

  2. Great post and I'll have to think on your question a bit.

  3. Great post Beth!! I try to find something positive in everyday, and do my best to pass that positive outlook to those I come in contact with.

  4. Kay and Donna Kay- Great gifts to the world!!! :)

  5. I'm a helper, a leader, and I have a strong voice.

    I help those who need a hand, whether it's opening a door, moving a friend, lending an ear, making phone calls, striking up a conversation with someone who looks like they could use a smile... Big to small, I do it all for those that accept it, friends, family and strangers...

    I'm also a leader. I'm a team player, but when something needs to get done, I'll gladly take the lead.

    I have a strong voice and am not afraid to use it. If there's an injustice, I speak up. I say what needs to be said. I speak for those that can't or won't.

    Sometimes my gifts can also be a curse...