Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's Memory: InspEARations

In March of 2005, I took some of my youth from church on a Citizenship Seminar to New York City and Washington DC.  In my planning for this trip I found out that the 75 InspEARations to celebrate Mickey's 75th Birthday would be on display at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trace Center on Pennsylvania Ave!  I was more than excited to learn this tid-bit!  The display was free AND it was the only location in all the USA (besides WDW and DLR) where all 75 statues would be on display together!

If you missed out on this event, you can see some of the photos I took below and you can visit this web site to see all 75 Mickeys.

The Mickey statue program was made up of Disney artists, actors and legends along with athletes, actors and musicians who created their own Mickey inspirations.  Some of the artists of the life size Mickey's were Ben Affleck, Annette Funicello, Elton John, Tom Hanks, Ellen Degeneres, Chris Berman & Dick Vitale, Raven and many more.  After then end of the statue tour, each statue was auctioned off with the proceeds going to the charity of choice chosen by the artists.

My favorites were: The Red Sox Mickey by Ben Affleck, the Policeman Mickey and the WDW Tourist Mickey!  Did you have a chance to see the InspEARations in 2004-2005?  If so, I'd love to hear about where you saw them and which were your favorites!


  1. Beth - Wait until you see my Wrdless Wednesday this week! I can't believe it. I'll give you a hint - it is to celebrate the Red Sox being in 1st place and great minds think alike!

  2. I love it! Where was I that I didn't notice them? I moved to DC in April of 2005.. shame!

  3. Excellent photos! And it's always fun to be able to participate in Disney events outside of the parks!!

  4. OMG!! I totally have a picture of myself with that lobster Mickey! But I can't for the life of me remember where I saw him!! I completely forgot about that, now I wonder where that picture is...

    Awesome shots!

  5. Hi Beth, I designed on of these statues back in 2003. Every once and a while I like to see if there's any sightings of my statue online. It was fun to see your post!

    -Jeff Spohn

  6. Jeff- that is so cool!  I did a google search and I think you did the Cheese Mickey- right?  I remember it, but didn't take a picture of it because I don't eat cheese! (weird, I know!)  Very awesome- thanks for commenting!!  :)