Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tom Sawyer's Barrel Bridge

During our first trip to WDW in 1983 we spent time at Tom Sawyer's Island.  We haven't done this attraction much since that first trip.  I'm not sure why that is because Tom Sawyer's Island can be a lot of fun... see below.

Our families favorite part of TS Island is the barrel bridge.  On that first trip in 1983 we were trying to cross this bridge with several other families.  The family in front of us was a mom and 2 kids.  The little girl was scared to cross for some reason and froze in the middle of the bridge.  The mom was trying to pull her along and keep the other child within arms reach.  It didn't work out too well!  While the girl was frozen and crying the people behind us all backed up causing the bridge to be uneven.  That's not a good thing when it comes to barrel bridges!  The mom, still struggling with the frozen girl and the other child who was ready to move on, made the bridge tilt to the right too far... causing her foot and calf to dip into the water.  Of course this sent the frozen, crying girl into a tizzy!  We were trying to go to the left side of the bridge to even it all out, but it just couldn't be done.  We were laughing a the whole situation while the poor mother of the two kids was mortified!  Somehow, we all managed to get off that bridge that day and I'm still here today to blog about it!!

Good times, good times.  Our family still laughs about that lady on the barrel bridge in March of 1983 and we were lucky enough that daddy decided to not cross and take the photo from the shore!!


  1. I loved Tom Sawyer's Island as a kid. Great photo!

  2. What a great story! We'll be taking the kids to Tom Sawyer Island this fall and I can't wait! I look forward to their reaction to the barrel bridge! :-)

  3. I remember not knowing what that was all about while in college and got stuck! The ferry broke down and were stuck for like 45 minutes and I have yet to try it again.. I bet the little one would like it, huh? Love that you have stories and memories from your own childhood!

  4. Love the photo. Too funny! And look at the short shorts on the guys! What a flashback!