Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Child Proof Your Room

If you are traveling to Walt Disney World with a toddler or small child I would consider bringing some of your child proofing gadgets from home for your resort room.  Even on vacation, kids can get into things they shouldn't!  Bringing a few extra things may save a few headaches during your trip.  A few things to think about packing for your trip:

1. Electrical outlet covers.  I think all families have these in their homes to keep small objects and fingers out of the plugs, but do you think to cover these outlets on vacation?

2. Door Mouse.  We use these things all over our house!  They can be a pain when you do want the door to close all the way, but it's nice knowing little fingers won't get stuck in the door jamb!  We use these on the bathroom door.  If you are in a DVC resort, you can use these on other interior doors as well!

3. Door knob covers.  These are perfect for older toddlers or young children who can open a door, but can't open a door with the cover!  If you want you child to stay in the room or bathroom, put these on the interior of the door to keep them inside!

4. Cabinet Locks.  If you are staying at a resort with a kitchen, you may want to lock the cabinet doors to keep curious kids out!  These are small and easy to pack!

Other things to consider when you arrive at your resort:
1. If your child is too big for the pack n play that Disney offers to guests, make sure you request bed rails.  Disney offers these too.  We also asked for extra pillows on our last trip to lay on the floor by the side of the bed C-man was sleeping on... just in case he rolled off!

2. Put the waste baskets on top of the counter or dresser.  Toddlers are notorious for taking trash out of the can to "play with."  The baskets are also lined with a plastic bag that does not need to be over your child's head.

3. Check the room for small objects that are lying around that could be choking hazards or just dangerous for children: writing pens, shampoo, bars of soap, etc.

4.  Always use the top security lock when you are inside your resort room.  It gives me peace of mind knowing C-man can't reach that lock... just in case he learns the new trick of opening the hotel room door!

What are other ways you keep your child safe in your room while on vacation?


  1. We haven't found a doorknob cover that will work on the lever-style doors at Disney, nor were we able to find anything non-permanent that worked on the sliding balcony doors. I understand that Disney needs to be ADA compliant, but having the only security lock at toddler height is unfortunate for those of us with escape artist children. I did manage to secure the sliding glass door by purchasing a stall-sized shower rod, tension style. It packs easily in our suitcase, is non-marking, and works like a charm to keep balcony doors closed!

  2. Great tips! Depending on how soon we can make it down again, we'll be needing the bed rails on the next trip. Great tips from reader Amy, too, on the curtain rod! Thanks for sharing!