Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Get Wet at WDW!

The summer months in Central Florida can be extremely HOT!  If you have small children, I would consider taking breaks throughout the day to cool off by getting wet!  There are so many ways to "get wet" while at WDW.
1.  You can always play in the afternoon showers!  It seems like there is a "summer shower" almost every afternoon during the summer.
2. Ride a "Water Ride."  There are lots of rides that are in boats on water, but I'm referring to the rides that get you wet: Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom and Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom.  (Or just stand on the bridge by either of these attractions and see if you can get splashed!)
3. Play in the "water fountain fun" in the parks!  Downtown Disney Marketplace offers a great place to splash around in water fountains.  At Epcot, you can splash in the fountains between the Fountain of Nations and the World Showcase.  You can also play in the "jumping water" outside of Imagination.  At Animal Kingdom you can play in fountains near Kali River Rapids and use the elephant squirters to get the riders wet on Kali River!  I don't recall any water features for children at Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom.  Just remember to pack a towel, a change of dry clothes and even a swim diaper and swim suit!
4. Return to your resort and take a dip in the pool!  Or better yet, resort hop and try other pools!
5. Spend the day at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.
6. Last, for the older, daredevil types, you can rent motorboats, go parasailing, or waterski on Bay Lake!

What am I forgetting?  What is your favorite way to cool off with water during the hot summer days at WDW?


  1. Great post! You know, I always wondered if you could resort hop and swim in the pools. Thanks for clarifying that you can.

  2. Heidi~ I personally have not resort hopped to swim, but I know friends who have. I have only resort hopped to gawk at the resort or eat a meal! I'm not sure what the official Disney policy is, but we have some family friends who go down several times a year and one trip each year is sans parks! All they do is resort hop and try out new pools.

  3. I must admit, we don't do the water rides. I'm too fat... not necessarily for the rides, but my legs rub together afterward. That with wet shorts does not turn out very well, I can assure you ;-) So, until the kids can go on their own, they'll just have to sweat a little with dear ol' mom