Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Split your stay

When our family traveled to Walt Disney World in 2008 we stayed for 8 nights.  We wanted to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, but knew we couldn't afford 8 nights at that resort.  Instead, we booked 4 nights at the All Star Music, 2 at AKL and 2 at Pop Century.  This was our first time to stay at AKL and Pop.  (The reason we spent time at 3 resorts instead of just 2 was because of availability at the resorts!  In a perfect world, we would have stayed 6 at All Stars and 2 at AKL- and in hindsight, we would have stayed at Pop over All Stars!)

It was very easy for us to move from resort to resort!  When we travel, we still live out of our suitcases.  Some families totally unload their belongings into the dresser drawers, but we don't.  This made it extremely easy to swap resorts.  At the beginning of our last day at All Star Music, we loaded up our suitcases and took them to the lobby.  We told the concierge we were moving to Animal Kingdom Lodge and he took care of the rest.  We then hopped on the bus to Epcot.  When we left Epcot, we took the bus to AKL and our luggage was waiting for us there!  All we had to do was check in and take our luggage to our room.

This was a great option for our family to be able to experience a new resort without paying for a full weeks stay!


  1. We used to do this too! It let us experience the different resorts and not have the bigger budget from the deluxe resorts.

    The only thing that makes it hard now is the ticket/dining plan structure. In order to get the dining plan you have to have a park ticket on the reservation. But buying a 2 day tickets isn't really cost effective... And I really love the dining plan... :0(

  2. Michele- great info! We have not done the dining plan before so I didn't realize this catch. Thanks for sharing. I may need to edit this post!! :)

  3. We used to do this too, even when we lived in Kissimmee. It's a great way to explore different resorts, and stay in the really expensive ones without blowing your whole budget! Thanks, Beth!

  4. I'd love to try this sometime, but hubby hates the hassle of switching. I know it's not really all that bad, but I just can't get him to budge on it...