Monday, August 29, 2011

Butterfinger Cupcake Recipe

Remember last week, I said I was doing Weight Watchers?  Well, I still am and I'm still craving sweets!  I've been searching the internet for good desserts and snacks to purchase at Walt Disney World for our upcoming trip and I ran across this recipe for the Butterfinger Cupcake from Starring Roll's at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Last December, when we were there last, this cupcake wasn't available, so I "settled" for the marble one!  Hopefully in September I'll be able to try the Butterfinger one! 
The chocolate marble cupcake from Starring Roll's.
Starring Roll's 
Butterfinger Cupcake

1 box Devil's Food Cake mix, plus ingredients to make cake
1 can fudge frosting
4 cups chocolate chips
6 Tbsp canola oil
3 (3.7 oz) King Size Butterfingers

Quick Butter cream Frosting
18 Tbsp butter, softened
6 Tbsp milk
1 Tbsp vanilla
6 3/4 cups powdered sugar

Prepare cupcakes as stated on the box. Let cupcakes cool completely.

Using a sharp knife, cut a cone shape out on top of the cupcake. Make sure your cut goes about halfway into the cupcake. Remove the cake and fill the hole with fudge frosting. Add the cake you removed to the top of the cupcake, making sure that the pointy cone end is sticking up.

Prepare the butter cream frosting. Mix together all the ingredients and beat on medium for 3 minutes, until fluffy. Ice your cupcakes. It may be easiest to use a piping bag for this. Let the frosting set up for 30 minutes.

While the frosting is setting up, use a food processor to crush up Butterfingers. It may be easiest to use frozen Butterfingers.

Combine chocolate chips and oil in a medium microwave-safe bowl. Heat on HIGH for 1 minute. Stir and continue to heat at 30 second intervals until completely melted. Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes before using. Dip the frosted cupcakes into the chocolate - I used a spoon to hold the frosting into place to make sure it didn't fall off the cupcake. Immediately coat the cupcake with the pulverized Butterfingers - just smash it all over the chocolate. Repeat until all cupcakes are dipped and covered. Refrigerate approximately 1 hour to allow the chocolate to set up.


  1. Yummy!! This looks really delicious!:) Think I'll try making it sometime! Thanks

  2. One of my favorite sweet snacks that's ww friendly (ish) - sugary cereal. I love having a cup of PB Puffs or lucky charms for dessert.. in my mind, that's way healthier than ice cream, and it totally does the trick!

  3. Jenn- I'm totally with you on the lucky charms!! I love those things and they DO do the trick!! :)

  4. I love butterfingers and I love the butterfinger cupcake.   It is big so be sure to bring a friend :)   Thanks for  sharing the recipe - I just may get crazy one day and try to bake some of my own.   

  5. Love this cupcake! How many cupcakes should this recipe make?

  6. good question!  I've never made them myself.... I just posted the recipe to have on hand! :)  I did have a friend make them, from this recipe and it's posted here ( but she doesn't say how many it made... sorry, I'm of no help!