Friday, August 26, 2011

Destination Disney: I

Destination Disney with Heidi is all about the letter "I" today!  I didn't have as many "I" pictures as I thought I would, but that's OK!  It was still fun looking through all my pictures.  Link up with Heidi and share your "I" pictures that deal with Disney or share your thoughts that start with the letter "I".  It'll be fun! :)



 Scavenger Hunt: "I" 
Iago and Internet directions


 Ice Cream Sandwich


  1. Oh, that ice cream sandwich looks so yummy! Wish I had one RIGHT NOW!

  2. Haha very imaginative I's! I totally forgot about Imagination!! Mmm yummy ice cream and you look incredible!!!

  3. I love your photos with the Incredibles! Now I want an ice cream sandwich :)