Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Tip: Bathroom Needs

thanks to my mom for this bathroom
photo from Shades of Green!
During our last trip to WDW, I realized our resort bathroom did not provide all that I needed.  While I LOVE the "baby shampoo" and soaps they provide, it's just not enough for our family.  I've made a list of things I'll be taking with me on our September trip to make the bathroom area better:

1. Pack pump soap to make handwashing easier.  I hate using bar soap to wash my hands- especially when they are really grimy!  I feel like I'm just passing on the grime to the bar of soap!

2. Pack Lysol spray for the bathroom.  Sometimes it just makes me feel better to use Lysol spray for smells and germs!  When I got sick after eating at Rose and Crown in December, I really wish I had a can of Lysol to spray.  I didn't want to pass on whatever it was to the rest of my family.  (Even though I truly believe it was the food and not a bug.)

3. Pack dishwashing liquid- especially if you have a baby or toddler who is using a bottle or sippy cup during the trip.  Also, if you buy the resort mugs or a bucket of popcorn it's nice to be able to wash it out with soap while on your vacation!

4. Don't forget potty training "stuff" if you will be potty training while on your vacation!  If your child is using a baby potty or a seat that sits on the big potty, pack it if you can!  You don't want to take steps back in your training!  If you reward using the potty with M&Ms or stickers, don't forget to pack those as well!

5. Pack your bath toys!  Click the link for a separate post about this topic!

6.  The last thing I'll be taking with me in September is a suction cup toothbrush holder! I like to have my toothbrush "air out" after I use it instead of putting it back in my toiletry bag.  I'm scared it'll get to moldy cooped up in my bag, but I hate to leave it lying on the counter for mousekeeping to move around too!  So, this toothbrush holder is my solution! :)

**Another great tip from Kerry on my facebook page:
"on my list, last visit I also brought along one of the febreeze pop up deodorizers, just enough to make the room fresh without being over powering." 
Then, when you get home and use that scent again, it'll remind you of your Disney room!! :)


  1. I always feel like it's not enough too, The toothbrush holder is a particulary good idea!!

  2. Great tips! I always bring a nighlight that I got from the dollar store to keep in the bathroom too. That way, if anybody (particularly our 3 year old) has to get up to use the bathroom at night, they know where to go without bumping in to everything!

    Bitten by the Disney Bug

  3. We learned the soap pump lesson the hard way on our first trip with the kids. After that, I haven't never forgotten it! :-)

  4. Great tips! The dollar spot at Target usually has the small hand pump soap. It's the perfect size for a vacation!

  5. Great tips, I really love them. I agree about the toothbrushes, I usually take one of the bathroom cups for holding the T-brushes bristle side up and let them air out that way. And I usually lay one of the washcloths next to the sink to put my bathrooms stuff on, I dont like my brushes/makeup touch the counter. Anal I know. LOL or Hand sanitizers are a must too..