Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowishes!!!

I now have a YouTube channel! :)  On September 23, 2011, my mom, my son and I attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  This was the best event I've participated in at Walt Disney World.

In wishing you a Happy Halloween, I give you a clip from the Hallowishes Fireworks show!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Faith and Disney: Toy Story

A little boy named Andy has a room full of toys that come to life when he isn’t there.  Life is pleasant except for the fear that comes with birthdays and Christmas, because those are the times when new toys arrive.  That’s when they could be…replaced!  But Woody the Cowboy isn’t afraid.  He’s supremely confident of his status as Andy’s favorite toy- that is until Buzz Lightyear comes along.

Themes for lesson:
Are you so busy comparing yourself to others that you’ve forgotten who you are?

Scripture Reading:
James 3: 13-18
Exodus 20:17

Watch Movie Clip- Start 25:05 “What is it?”  End 31:02 “They’ll see.  I’m still Andy’s favorite toy.”
Andy’s mom pulls out a surprise birthday present that becomes the hit of the party.  It’s Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger- the hottest, newest, gadget-loaded toy around!  The kids rush upstairs to play with him and in the frenzy of activity, Woody is knocked off the bed.  Buzz makes quite an impression on all of Andy’s toys with his recorded voice, laser beam and stories of defending the galaxy- all that is, except Woody, who is clearly irritated at the attention this brash new intruder is receiving.

  • Do you think Woody was more concerned about how Andy felt about him or what the toys were thinking about him?

  • What are some of the emotions you feel when a close friend becomes friends with someone else?

  • How is Woody’s experience similar to what you experience when a boyfriend or girlfriend rejects you?

  • What do you think causes people to compare (themselves, their children, their parents, their possessions) to others?

  • Are you envious of your friends because of things they have?  If you had those things, do you think you life would be better?  How?

  • What do you think it would take for you to be more self-confident?  How do you think feeling more self-confident would affect the way people think about you?

  • Why do you think first impressions can be deceiving?
Woody asks Buzz to prove to him and the other toys that he can really fly.  Buzz does this with the help of some amazing circumstances and the other toys are in awe.  Even though Buzz’s “flight” can be explained through natural terms, his faith carried him through nonetheless.  God calls all of us out of the boat at times to walk on stormy waters.  We must take that first step to move our words of faith into miraculous action.

  • Did you or your friends ever try to fly when you were a kid?  What happened?

  • Read Matthew 17:20. 20He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."  

  • How does this verse apply to your life?

  • Could you physically fly if you had enough faith?  Why or why not?

  • What are examples of ways a person’s faith can help them “fly”?

  • Where does God want you to stretch your faith and “fly” this week?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Destination Disney: R

Welcome to the letter "R" with Heidi's Head!

Rhonda Rumors at MGM Studios

Robin Hood

Rodger Rabbit

Russell! :)



R Scavenger Hunt: Receipt



Riding Rock 'N' Roller Coaster


Magical Blogorail Green: Halloween at WDW

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Green. Enjoy the ride as we share with you Halloween Festivities in Disney Parks.

When I think of Halloween at Walt Disney World, the first thing that comes to mind is Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP)!  This is a special event ticket for a Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom on select nights.  I had the privilege of attending this party earlier this fall and have lots to share, but I'm going to let some of my other "Blogorail Green" family share that with you!  You can check here for a post about my MNSSHP experience.

Today, I'm going to share alternatives to celebrating Halloween at Walt Disney World that don't cost as much money!  In the past, Downtown Disney has provided a free Trick or Treat option for families on Halloween night called "Happy  Hauntings."  But, when I started doing some research for this post, I learned that this is not an option for 2011.  Instead, Downtown Disney will offer Halloween decorations, entertainment and fall menu items in some of the restaurants.  I was a bit disappointed in this, but that's how it goes.

Another alternative to going to MNSSHP or Downtown Disney is to spend time at select resorts!  Many of the resorts will be having fun activities, great decorations and special events on Halloween, at least they did in 2010~
  • At the Wilderness Lodge, there were crafts in the lobby, haunted duck races, a costume parade, trick or treating and the evening will close with a movie on the beach.
  • At Saratoga Springs, there were Halloween themed activities throughout the day with crafts, guessing games, cupcake decorating, a costume contest, trick or treating and a movie under the stars.
  • At Port Orleans, there was a pool party, games, dancing, trivia and an outdoor movie.
  • At Old Key West, there was pumpkin decorating, Halloween crafts, a pool party, a costume contest, trick or treating and a movie. 

The best activities will be held at Fort Wilderness!  On October 30, 2010, there were mummy games, crafts, pumpkin carving contests, a decorated golf cart parade, the sing-a-long with Chip N' Dale and a movie at Meadow Trading Post.  On Halloween, there were just as many fun things offered!  You could help judge the cast member's pumpkins, see a pet costume parade, tie dye a tshirt, trick or treat at the camp ground and end the night again at Meadow Trading Post for the sing-a-long and movie.  In addition to doing the planned activities that Disney has in store for you, I would suggest spending time looking at the Halloween decorations at the camp sites!  Most people look at lights and decorations at Christmas time, but at Fort Wilderness, you need to do this on Halloween too!  There is a great article about the Fort Wilderness events, complete with incredible photographs at

If you are going to be at Walt Disney World during October, but not on Halloween, there are still other options for you at Fort Wilderness to help you get that Halloween feeling!  You can take a half hour "Haunted Halloween Carriage Ride" through the trails by Bay Lake while the driver tells the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow for $60 a carriage.  I've been told the headless horseman may even make an appearance! ;)  You do need to make plans in advance and secure a reservation if you want to do the Haunted Carriage Ride.  You can do this 180 days out.  Another option is a nightly 45 minute horse drawn wagon ride that tours the campground.  With this ride you will be able to see some of the Halloween decorations at the campsites!  This is a first come, first served activity.  The cost is $8 adults and $5 kids ages 3-9.

What are some other fun Halloween activities you have experienced at Walt Disney World?  I'd love to hear about them!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Walt Disney World Not Just For Kids!

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

3rd Stop ~ Your Highway in the Sky

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stars Fell on: Eric Allen from the SorCom Review

Welcome back to "Stars Fell on Disney Fans from Alabama!"  I'm very excited and honored to introduce to you my friend Eric Allen!  Eric is not a Disney blogger, but he is a Disney fan who has his own radio show on Sorcerer Radio.  Eric is from Birmingham, Alabama and is a graduate of Auburn University!  I actually "knew" Eric for a while before I realized he was from Alabama.  I'm not sure when that happened, but I do know he responded to a "War Eagle" tweet I sent out at the beginning of this football season and I knew I had an instant friend!
Eric is the host of the SorCom Review as heard on Sorcerer Radio Tuesday mornings at 8:00 a.m. ET, with encores at 7:00 p.m. ET on Tuesdays and non ET on Sundays.  You can reach him on Facebook at SorCom Review, on Twitter as @SorComReview and on the Sorcerer Radio web site and forums.

I have been fortunate (“blessed” would probably be a better word) to have met a wide variety of notable figures since my mother's doctor announced my arrival.  I have made the acquaintance of actors/actresses, musicians, politicians, artists, scholars, athletes, coaches and even the occasional astronaut.  Heck, my parents tell me that I once met Michael Jackson when I was very young and he was relatively normal.  I'm willing to take their word for it as I can't remember the one and can't imagine the other.

However, arguably the person on top of the list of people I never got to meet (but would have liked to) would be none other than Walter Elias Disney himself.  I blame this egregious oversight on the fact that he died roughly 2-1/2 years before I was born – thus making a meeting rather difficult and forcing me to PhotoShop him in over Alex Trebek in the antique-style picture above as the only way to ever have my picture taken with him.

What, you don't believe I met Alex Trebek?  Fine, Mister Doubting Mustafa... here's the original picture.  Happy now?

Anyway... although we never met I, like many other Disney fans, have found many of Walt's quoted sayings to contain a singular wisdom every bit as relevant today as they were when he said them decades ago.  I've found that five of his quotations in particular apply very well to what we do at Sorcerer Radio.

If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Right.

"Get a good idea and stay with it. Dog it, and work it until it's done and done right."

At Sorcerer Radio we care about Disney, we care about our product, and we care about our listeners.  When you care about what you do and those for whom you do it (as Walt obviously did), then you’re compelled to hold yourself to a high standard.  You don’t want to produce a product – in this case, a radio show – that’s anything less than the best as your listeners deserve nothing less.  It’s kinda like with Gaston, only with a lot less narcissism involved.

Unfortunately, making each show or recorded audio clip means going the proverbial extra mile and doing work that you probably wouldn’t do otherwise.  When I was working at the campus radio station while in college, I could get away with arriving at the station less than 30 minutes beforehand.  I’d grab a soda, pull a news story, and pull a song or two before the show started.  Life was good.  Now I’ve gone from a local station whose signal starts breaking up within 25-30 miles of the transmitter to an organization with a global audience and a goal to be the best Disney station on Earth.  I learned very early on that I couldn’t ‘wing it’ like I used to.  Putting on a show involves a lot of preparation week in and week out and a lot of it you’ll likely never see.

Well, of course you’ll likely never SEE it.  I mean it IS radio, after all. I guess it’s more accurate to say that you’ll likely never be aware of it if I’ve done my job right.

Sure, it can get tedious at times and is definitely time-consuming.  But as a radio listener myself, I really don’t want to hear a program that’s done half-heartedly as if the one responsible shrugged and said “Aw, that’s good enough.”  Can you imagine listening to a radio broadcast of your favorite football team and the play-by-play announcer sounding like he’d rather be having a root canal than be in the press box?  Me neither!  I want some PASSION in my on-air personalities, dad gum it!

In other words, even if it does mean some extra work involved you should never give your audience less than what you’d like to hear yourself.  Because it’s worth it.  THEY'RE worth it.

It's Not A One-Man Show. 

"Whatever we accomplish is due to the combined effort. The organization must be with you or you don't get it done... In my organization there is respect for every individual, and we all have a keen respect for the public."

In broadcasting, success is a team effort.  The powers that be must have a clear vision of the station's goals and how to achieve them.  Priorities must be clearly defined. Benchmarks should be identified in both the short and the long term so that progress can be measured.  Otherwise time and effort can be wasted chasing after dead ends or pursuing things that aren't conducive to the station's growth. 

Likewise, in order to succeed everyone else in the station has to 'buy into' that vision and focus their efforts towards achieving the station's goals.  There are a surprising number of roles that have to be played in order for even a station the size of Sorcerer Radio to function efficiently – and although many may not be as visible as others all of them are important.  Moderators who delete forum spam and ban those responsible for posting it help promote a positive online environment.  The secretary who processes invoices and communicates with sponsors/partners helps maintain a healthy relationship with the station.  Web designers improving the look and functionality of the website promote a professional image and ensure that visitors can navigate the site without confusion.  These jobs and others contribute to the overall experience for the listener.

It is this synergy -- with everyone clearly understanding the goals and how their jobs contribute towards achieving them -- that propel the station in the right direction like so many members of an Olympic rowing team. Unfortunately, sometimes you have people within the organization who are resistant to this vision or who for whatever reason prefer to go 'their own way' instead.  Having been on both sides of this kind of situation, I can say with a certain amount of confidence that good things rarely (if ever) ensue.  In fact, it downright stinks like underwear that you’ve been sporting for a solid week straight.   An unnecessarily high level of dissent can split the organization and hamper its efforts as different factions argue over what is 'the best way.'  Disgruntled individuals can hinder (sometimes even sabotage) a station's efforts.  At the very least they can cause a station's efforts to be less efficient.  In cases like this an effort has to be made to determine and address the underlying cause of the resistance.  It may be as simple as further explaining the goals.  It could be that a person is in a role that isn't as suited for their talents as another.  Only when all attempts at rectifying the resistance have failed should the person be removed as their departure can further negatively impact the station's efforts.

(I would just like to point out just for the record however that I’ve never actually worn the same pair of underwear for an entire week straight.  3 days is my record thus far.)

Competition Is A Fact Of Life.

"I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn't know how to get along without it."

Sorcerer Radio isn’t the only game in town.  On alone there are several other stations that play music from the Disney parks and resorts.  Internet radio stations face competition from broadcast radio stations.  And radio itself faces competition from television, books, video games, sporting events, work, travel, and a plethora of other activities all trying to lay claim to a share of the 16 or so hours the average human spends awake each day.  Or if you’re the average college student, the 23-1/2 hours or so spent partying instead of studying like your parents THINK you’re doing.

Ironically enough, I believe that’s a GOOD thing.  Competition in and of itself is not inherently evil, but instead can be a useful tool if harnessed properly.  It is the heat of competition that tempers your product and makes it better.  It is the yardstick by which you can measure yourself and your progress.  It is the fact you have to overcome said competition that makes success sweeter. Competition can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can accentuate one and address the other (I’m sure you can figure out which one is which).

It is also the reminder that you cannot take your audience for granted – for if you don’t take care of your listeners, someone else will be all too happy to do so. 

Don't let naysayers distract you.

"We are not trying to entertain the critics. I'll take my chances with the public."

No matter where you go or what you do in life, there will be detractors.  Some will question your character and your actions.  Some will attack you any way they can.  Some will even go so far as to attack you while at the same time copying what you do.  Sometimes it's enough to make you want to pull out your hair; fortunately what little hair I have left is cut so short I can't get a good grip on it.

However, while you definitely should set the record straight when it becomes necessary it can be all too easy to get so focused on your critics that you lose sight of what's truly important – your audience.  Your listeners tune in because they want to have an enjoyable listening experience and not because they want to hear you rant and rave over a plethora of slights both real and imagined.  Obsessing too much over the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune tends to cause hurt feelings and lose listeners.  Plus, as long as you harbor grudges (and especially as long as you give voice to them and vent publicly about them) the object of those grudges has a certain degree of power over you.

So whenever possible, be the ‘good guy.’  Put on that white cowboy hat and ride that white horse.  Give your audience reasons to listen to you rather than reasons why you shouldn’t listen to your critics (those are two VERY different things, but sadly many people never fully grasp the concept). 

Your listeners are listening to you because they like what you do.  Keep the focus on them and in the long run it really won’t matter all that much what the critics say.  After all, nobody has ever erected a monument to a critic.

There's Always Room For Improvement.

"In this volatile business of ours, we can ill afford to rest on our laurels, even to pause in retrospect. Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future."

Walt may have been referring to a different industry when he said it, but this quote may be the most appropriate of all.  To call the business of broadcasting 'volatile,' especially online radio broadcasting, is like saying someone struck by lightning is 'feeling under the weather' – it just doesn't do it justice.

Technology seems to grow by quantum leaps on a regular basis (my iPhone has more hard drive space than my first three computers combined).  A person can now do with computer and a broadband internet connection what not so long ago required an entire control room full of equipment.  Aside from making people like me feel really old – an accomplishment achieved with a most annoying degree of efficiency and frequency – the rate at which technology advances make it necessary to always be looking to see what new developments may be coming down the pike. 

And technology isn't the only aspect of broadcasting that changes rapidly.  The radio landscape can vary dramatically in the proverbial blink of an eye.  People can come and go at your station. Stations themselves can come and go (I've seen one station go from startup to shutdown within the space of only a week).  The number of hours spent listening to your station can fluctuate wildly at times throughout the year.  It's a wild roller coaster ride with all the dramatic highs and lows of the Dow Jones Average when the quarterly reports are released.

2011 has been an exciting year for Sorcerer Radio.  We currently have our strongest lineup ever in terms of programs and on-air personalities.  We have introduced new ways for listeners to enjoy our programs  such as our stand-alone app for the iPhone available in the App Store.  Exclusive original Disney-inspired music from DJ Sorcey is now available for purchase on iTunes.  We introduced the live interactive vidcast “WDW After Dark” offering Disney discussion with more adult-oriented perspectives.  And we have developed positive working relationships with various organizations in the Disney community (including elements within the Walt Disney Company itself), which has allowed us greater  opportunities to enhance the Sorcerer Radio listening experience for our audience.  And our listeners have responded in kind; people are spending more hours listening to the station than ever before.  That tells me we're moving in the right direction and that the innovations we've introduced over the course of this year have been well worth the effort. 

And we're going to continue looking at ways we can further enhance the experience for our listeners in the months and years ahead.  One of the great things about the volatility of the broadcasting landscape is that you never know what may be right around the corner.

And there you have it.  Honestly, if you want to get technical these quotes, as with many of Walt's words of wisdom, would be pretty applicable in many areas of interest (I imagine that first one in particular would be extremely useful in the field of brain surgery, demolitions, or rocket science).  I'm sure I'm just one of millions of Disney fans who would have really liked to have had the chance of sitting down with Walt for even just a couple of minutes.  Walt seemed to possess a unique gift of vision which has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of untold millions (if not billions) of people the world over.  I don't think it'd be unfair to say that even decades after his death he still commands a global recognition than many heads of state.  Don't believe me?  Then tell me, who was the first Prime Minister of Nigeria?  Hmm?  See, you can't remember him either.

For all his fame and hype, however, I like to hold to the notion that deep down Walt was at heart a regular joe with his own particular set of strengths and weaknesses like every one of us.  I get this notion primarily from the quotes that have been attributed to him over the years.  They present to me the image of a man who didn't try to talk down to others or talk above their heads, but rather boiled things down to their purest simplicity.  It is this simplicity, I think, that makes these quotes so applicable to so many situations.

Wordless Wednesday: Main Street Pumpkins

Focused on the Magic

Monday, October 24, 2011

My New Obsession with Sorcerer Radio

I have been a fan of Sorcerer Radio for a while now.  When I have the chance, I have it playing on my computer while I'm at work and while I am at home working on my computer.  I will admit, I'm the type of person that likes to work (or do thinking work) with silence.  In college, I couldn't study with the radio on.  I have a hard time concentrating on work when music is playing.  Many times I have to close my office door at work to block out some of the "office noise" so I can get things accomplished.  I'm also the type of person who does not like to walk around with my ear buds in my ear.  I don't know why, but I feel like I'm missing out on stuff if I have myself closed off to the sounds going on around me.  I usually only use my ear buds when I'm running or traveling.

BUT... I have found a new love.  Sorcerer Radio came out with the iPhone App last year.  At first I couldn't get my iPhone to work with the app.  Maybe because my iPhone is 3 years old and is running on the 3G system (not even the 3GS) or maybe because I have crappy cell phone service with AT&T.  I don't know, but it wouldn't work.  Then, the doors opened.  A few weeks ago I tapped the SR icon on my phone and IT WORKED!!  I don't know what happened.  Maybe I installed an update I was missing or something, but SR worked!!  Now, I am hooked.

Before, I could only listen to SR through my computer.  Now I listen to it in my car through my iPhone, while I'm grocery shopping (with 1 ear bud in- that way I'm not totally disconnected from the outside sounds!), while I'm working (even on 'thinking' work!) and while I'm waiting (at the doctor's office, at football practice, at church before youth show up...).  

If you haven't tried the SR iPhone app, I highly suggest you do!  You can read more about it on the SR web site: Sorcerer Radio iPhone App Version 1.2 and you can download it here from iTunes

You can listen to great Disney music all day and tune in to your favorite SR shows, podcasts and vidcasts!  These guys and gals are great- find them on the SR website, on Facebook and twitter.


Mouse Undercover



Sunday, October 23, 2011

Faith and Disney: Aladdin

In the movie Aladdin, his friends encourage him to ‘fess up that he’s a street urchin and not the prince he pretends to be. Aladdin, worried that Princess Jasmine won’t like him, decides to continue his charade and win Princess Jasmine’s heart.

·      List characteristics/ words that describe who you are as a person.  
·      What are some characteristics that don’t describe you that you wish did?  
·      Pretend you just met someone for the first time from another city or school and they know nothing about you.  You really like this person and want them to like you in return.  What are some examples of ways you pretend to be someone else in order to impress this person?  

Watch Movie Clip- Start 54 minutes Aladdin’s friends try to convince him to tell the truth.  End 54:45 Aladdin leaves on the flying carpet.

·      What lies have you told others about yourself?
·      What happened?
·      Why weren’t you honest?
·      What would have happened if you told the truth in the beginning?
·      How would the consequences have been different?
·      Why are lies so destructive?
·      What’s the biggest lie someone has told you about themselves?
·      How did you feel when you found out that it was a lie?  Did you still want to be friends with this person?  How did you react to the news?
·      For Aladdin, Jasmine was with him in the end, despite his lies.  How should Aladdin have handled this situation?  What are some ways Jasmine could have responded to his lies?  How do you think Jasmine should have responded to his lies?
·      Would you have continued a relationship with Aladdin if you were in Jasmines shoes and knew he lied to you?

·      Read Psalms 15 (from The Message)
1GOD, who gets invited to dinner at your place?  How do we get on your guest list?    
 2"Walk straight, act right, tell the truth.
3"Don't hurt your friend, don't blame your neighbor;
 4despise the despicable. "Keep your word even when it costs you,
5make an honest living, never take a bribe.  "You'll never get blacklisted if you live like this."
·      According to the scripture, what are the benefits of living honestly?
·      How would choosing to live honestly change the world?
·      How do you need to grow to live in honesty about yourself?

Read Colossians 3:9-10.
9Don't lie to one another. You're done with that old life. It's like a filthy set of ill-fitting clothes you've stripped off and put in the fire. 10Now you're dressed in a new wardrobe. Every item of your new way of life is custom-made by the Creator, with his label on it. All the old fashions are now obsolete.

Epcot's Food and Wine Festival: Italy and Spaghetti

Welcome to The Virtual Food & Wine Festival Party hosted by my friend Deb at Focused on the Magic! In honor of the annual Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, several Disney bloggers have joined forces to have our own Virtual F&W Festival! You are all invited to visit each of our blogs and virtually eat your way around the Word Showcase!! Please visit all of our blogs and feel free to leave comments on our dishes.

As I was mentally walking around the World Showcase at Epcot thinking of all the countries, I knew exactly which country I was going to choose and which dish I would make for our Virtual F&W Festival! ITALY! I wrote about why this was my favorite pavilion earlier this year, but if you didn't read or have forgotten, that's my where my family originated~ at least my dad's side! My great grandparents were born and raised in Genoa, Italy. They immigrated to the USA in the early 20th century and settled down in Brooklyn, NY.


Jonathan and I in Genoa, Italy for our honeymoon, June 2007

Rumor has it Grandma Carboni brought this Spaghetti Sauce recipe over "on the boat" with her. I'm not sure there was canned tomato sauce in Genoa in the early 1900's, but none the less, this is her recipe! Maybe she tweaked it once she came to the states and learned about Hunt's tomato sauce and paste.

Grandma Carboni's Spaghetti Sauce
a little less than 1/2 a cup of olive oil
1 medium onion chopped
3 Tablespoons parsley flakes
garlic salt
2 15 oz cans tomato sauce
2 12 oz cans tomato paste
1 teaspoon sweet basil chopped
1 big pinch oregano
1 lb browned ground beef
optional sugar to taste

Cook the onion in the olive oil, parsley flakes, garlic salt and pepper until onion looks transparent. Don't cook too fast or let the onion brown. Add tomato sauce, paste, basil and oregano. Stir until blended. Stir in browned ground beef. Turn stove to low and simmer 3-4 hours, stirring about every 15-20 minutes. Towards the end of the cooking time, if the sauce is too acidic for your taste, add a tablespoon of sugar (or more) until the taste is what you like!

I personally like this sauce better after it has spent the night in the fridge. It's also still really good after it's been frozen, thawed and reheated! What I like best about this sauce is it's thickness. I love how it sticks to the noodles! When we spent 2 weeks in Italy, I never had spaghetti sauce that I like as much as this recipe or that stuck to the noodles like this does... maybe that means Grandma Carboni did tweak it a bit when she came to the USA! ;)


Ingredients and ground beef. The photo on the left is for 1 serving, but I doubled it- so I'll have enough to freeze for later!

Onions, parsley, salt, pepper and olive oil sauteing (L). All the other ingredients added (R).

At the end of the 3rd hour of cooking, I always taste it and decide if I need to add sugar or not. This time, I did. You can see the sugar on the left- I don't measure, just sprinkle until it looks right! On the right is the final product! Yummy!


Toddler Tested. Toddler Approved!

Thanks Grandma Carboni for passing down this recipe to the fourth generation!