Sunday, October 9, 2011

Faith and Disney: Cars

This weeks "Faith and Disney" post is about a race car named Lightning McQueen.  While he is traveling to California to be a part of the final Piston Cup race, he damages the road in Radiator Springs and is forced to repair it. While he is in Radiator Springs, the people there help him realize there is more to life than winning races, getting trophies and having fame.  He finds friends who help him learn that simple things in life bring joy.
  • What do you believe makes a person or a company successful?
  • What is our societies definition of success?  
  • Who do you consider to be successful- companies, individuals or teams?
  • What made them successful in your eyes?
  • What do you think God thinks of that success?
  • Who benefited the most from that success?
  • Do you think anyone could have been hurt in the process?

Watch the clip from Cars as the race announcer says "What a move by Lightning McQueen" (chapter 30, 1:39:30) and end when Tex says "There's a whole lot more to racing than just winning" (chapter 30, 1:45:30).
  • What spiritual elements did you see in this clip?
  • What was most powerful to you?  Why?
  • What evidence of God did you see?
  • In what ways are these characters similar to our lives and our society?

Read Joshua 1:6-9; Proverbs 21:21 and John 17:4
  • What are key elements in these passages?
  • What are the definitions of the key words in these passages?
  • What does God instruct us to do in order to achieve true success?
  • What was the most important theme in the Joshua passage?  
  • What was the most important instruction in the Proverbs passage?
  • How do these passages relate to one another? (Joshua and Proverbs)
  • What biblical truth did you learn from these passages?
  • What is God's definition of success?

  • Who do you think the crowd in the movie clip believed the winner was? Why?
  • How is the John passage similar to this clip?
  • Chick Hicks was the official winner.  What did he really win?
  • What do you think made this race so important for everyone?
  • What makes you and me important to God?
  • What should be important to each of us?
  • What do you think makes success so important to people?
  • What was Lightning's reward for doing the right thing?
  • What does the Bible say will be the reward of our obedience? 
  • What do you think the statement at the end of the clip, "There's a whole lot more to racing than just winning." means?  How can we relate this to our own lives?

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