Sunday, October 16, 2011

Faith and Disney: Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite Disney/ Pixar movies.  I love the characters and the story.  There are so many ways I can tie in Faith and Disney with this movie, but for today's post I'm focusing on Fear.

(If you are doing this lesson with youth, I would suggest finding a game to play that has to do with "fear.")

Start the movie clip in chapter 5 when Nemo's classmates are trying to convince him to swim into the ocean.  End when Marlin meets Dory and follows her into the ocean.

  1. What did Nemo's friends do or say to pressure him into going farther in to the ocean than he wanted to go?
  2. What misconceptions did Marlin have about Nemo's choices?
  3. If Marlin hadn't shown up, do you think Nemo would have swam out to "touch the butt?"
  4. Do you think "fear of the ocean" or "respect for his father" might have kept Nemo from swimming out to sea?
  5. Who was most afraid- Nemo or Marlin?
  6. What caused Marlin to overcome his fears and swim into the ocean?
Read the following Bible passages:
  • Romans 8:14-16
  • 1 John 4:16-19
Both of these passages reveal God's love to us, the power He gives through the Holy Spirit and the ability to live in freedom from fear.  
  1. What spirit did we not receive when we became children of God?
  2. What spirit did we receive?  What authority does that give us?
  3. How does 1 John 4:16-19 describe God?
  4. Whom does this passage say we should rely upon?
  5. According to the passage, why is there no fear in love?
  6. In what can we have confidence?
  7. Why do we love?  Why is this important?
  8. What was it about Nemo that made Marlin so worried and overprotective?
  9. How can unhealthy fears control us?
  10. What can we do to live without fear?
  11. What did Marlin rely upon to give himself a sense of security?
  12. Do you think fear is healthy? Why/ why not?
  13. What emotions or attitudes do you think form the roots of fear?
  14. How does fear hurt our relationship with God?  With other people?
  15. What can you do that will help you let go of fear and put your trust in God?
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  1. I am a home school mom who also LOVES Disney.  During the school year we are involved in a formal Bible study.  To keep us in the word this summer we are using your Disney based Bible studies...LOVE THEM!!!  Found a website called  It is a Disney sponsered site with crafts and recipes.  Found Disney themed cupcakes that have Squirt on them for the Nemo study on fear.  My kids loved it!!!!  Thank you so much for your passion for Disney and love of the Lord and the wisdom to put the two together  :)