Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kick it Old School Blog Hop

This photo is of me and my brother during our trip to Walt Disney World in 1983.  Obviously Magic Kingdom and Epcot were the only parks at this time.  My mom was actually cooler than we thought- she had us wear matching shirts before it was "cool!"  The bad thing~ we bought these during the trip, so there is no way they had been washed before we wore them! (We were camping in a pop up camper that year!)   That is something I don't do now.  I have to wash everything before I wear it the first time.  However, I'm not afraid at all to wear things more than once between washings... it's just different being straight from the store!

What I wouldn't give to have that sun visor and EPCOT Center shirt today!!

Thanks to Tips from the Disney Diva for hosting this new hop!  Link up with us, if you dare! ;)


  1. hahah! Awesome! I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for participating!

  2. I wish I had pictures from my 1980's trip when I was a little girl. The film got ruined before it was even developed. You look very stylin' though. :)