Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stars Fell on "The Disney Diva"

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to my friend, Kristin.  I have known Kristin and her family for years.  Our dads once worked together and her brother is a fellow youth minister, just like me.  I had been reading the blog, "Tips from the Disney Diva" for a while when "Kristin" commented on my blog this summer and we made the connection!  I had no idea the "Disney Diva" was the Kristin I knew!  It really is a small world!  Kristin lives in Huntsville, AL with her family where she is a professor at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

Caterpillar: Who are you?
Alice: I hardly know sir. I’ve changed so many times since this morning, you see.
Caterpillar: I do not see. Explain yourself.
Alice: I’m afraid I can’t explain myself, because I am not myself, you know.
Caterpillar: I do not know.
Alice: Well I can’t put it any more clearly, for it isn’t clear to me.
Caterpillar: You…. WHO ARE YOU?!       - Alice in Wonderland

Our dear Beth, bless her heart, has asked some of her fellow Alabamians/ psycho Disney bloggers to introduce ourselves and our sites. Since you’re reading this now, chances are you are a Disney Addict, like myself, or are at least hoping to plan the best Disney Trip “ev-a”, so we already have at least one thing in common. Of course, if you got my “bless her heart” reference then we have WAY more in common than I thought.

My name is Kristin, aka the “Disney Diva”. I am a Communication Arts professor at a research-1 university in North Alabama. I was raised in Tuscaloosa, undergraduate degree from the University of Montevallo, graduate degree from University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa.  One of the few native Alabamians that doesn’t drink sweet tea, never craves the “big breakfast” or “greens” of any sort, and really only enjoy talking about football if it annoys someone from another team. I don’t get out for “Harvest”, I wear shoes in public, and I have no idea what sound a tornado makes when it’s coming through a trailer park. (Though let me tell you that growing up in a city which frequently had tornados, and is currently rebuilding from a terrible and tragic one, has me convinced that tornados ARE the scariest things on earth). I’ve been married for 11 years to my “pencil-pusher” hubby who has a completely different mentality than me on everything, which balances me out nicely. I have a 9 year old son who never needs a map at Disney World, and an (almost) 5 year old who can sing every word to Magic Kingdom’s park-opening ceremony from memory.

I went to Disney a few times as a child, none of which I remember except through photos (which I’m sure just IRRITATES the heck out of my elementary school teaching parents), but didn’t get hooked on Disney until my husband caught “the bug”. I took him for his first ever WDW trip when he was 30, and five years later when our son went for the first time, the fire of addiction was lit and that’s all she wrote. I admit, a large part of my love for Disney comes from it being the only place my husband is willing to vacation, but the scary part is that although I write for two different Disney blogs, my family declares me the “least addicted to Disney” in our rankings. They actively participate in my blog post writing and think of many tips I would forget. So I’m thankful for my little family unit, complete with the standard American 2.5 children (the cat only counts as half because he (a) only has three legs, and (b) still forces me to clean up his poop.

So, yeah, my blog, the point of all this. Well I started Tips from the Disney Diva ( sort of on a whim when I was writing another blog that was basically just my thoughts spilling out of my brain onto a keyboard. If I would have had a “stats” counter then I would have known it was pretty popular, but I didn’t know at the time. Whenever I thought about a helpful tip for planning a Disney World vacation I would write it down and hope maybe someone, somewhere out there, was getting something out of it. I had to shut down the other blog once some people started realizing it was me and my anonymity was gone, so I laid off the blog-sauce for a while. Then, just for kicks, one day about a year ago I saw the stats counter and it said there had been over 200 views on my Tips From the Disney Diva site! It was CRAZY! I hadn’t written anything in months, yet there it was, still getting attention.

So I decided to actually do ONE of my New Years Resolutions (for a change) and get back to writing (as it somehow magically cleanses my soul, and helps me blabber less) and started writing articles. It wasn’t long before the former owner of discovered my writing and asked me to come and write some for him as well. My page views continued to go up on Tips for the Disney Diva, and eventually I decided to submit an article to one of the “Big Dogs of the Disney blogging world” Chip & Co. ( Chip liked my style too, which as you can read is open and “chatty”, and I was given the opportunity to write some more Disney silliness for C&C (most of it centers around Disney addiction). The majority of my Tips from the Disney Diva articles are tips for packing, ride order (aka daily plans), enjoying quality of life over quantity of rides, dining, and avoiding time pit-falls that make your Walt Disney World Trip miserable. I’m currently training to run the Princess Half Marathon at WDW on Feb. 26th, 2012 (which happens to be my 34th birthday). If you will be down there for the race, either the Half or the Royal Family 5K I would love for you to come to my “meet up” where we will have some cool giveaways for you (t-shirts for sure!)  You can learn more about that at my “team” facebook page to get details as they come.

If you “dig my style daddy-o” You can read my blog by going to:, check out my articles on Chip & Co. at, join my facebook page at or follow me on Twitter (though I NEVER remember to tweet) at @wdwdisneydiva

Thanks Beth for the opportunity to tell your readers “whooooo…. I…… am”. I hope to get to know you all soon!

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  1. Kristin- Thanks again for participating in this segment! So much comes from Alabama that needs to be shared with everyone! :)