Saturday, November 5, 2011

Epcot's Club Cool

What is Club Cool?  It is a refreshment spot in Future World at Epcot near Innoventions West.  CocaCola is the sponsor of this exhibit where different soft drinks from around the world are showcased.  The best part?  It's FREE!  Once you have used your park ticket to enter the park, you can hang out at Club Cool and drink all the international "Cokes" you want!

Here are the different flavors you can sample:

  • Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique~ This is the least surprising drink at Club Cool for me.  It tastes very similar to Ginger Ale from the US.
  • Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica~ This drink has a very sweet fruity flavor.  If I had to name the fruit, I would say cherry.  My boys both enjoye
  • Beverly from Italy~ If you've ever been to Club Cool, you probably know what Beverly is all about!  This drink has a very bitter flavor.  If you take someone to Club Cool for the first time, have your camera ready when they sample Beverly!  This bitter flavor is supposed to stimulate your appetite before a meal.  Blah.
  • Mezzo Mix from Germany~ This drink tastes the most like Coca Cola to me.  If you pay attention to your taste buds, you may taste a bit of orange in this drink.  In Germany, they often mix other drinks with their beer to lessen the alcohol content and this has carried over into other beverages- hence Coke and Orange!
  • VegitaBeta (Japan) - While we were at Club Cool the last time, this drink was not available.  After some research, I've found that this soft drink has beta-carotene added to it- hence the name!  The primary ingredients are sugar and water.
  • Kinley Lemon Israel~  This drink tastes very similar to Sprite.  It's a lemon flavored instead of lemon/ lime!
  • Lift Apple Mexico~ This soft drink is obviously apple flavored!  If you like apple and soft drinks, you should like this one!
  • Smart Watermelon China~ If you see a trend here, you can probably guess that this drink tastes like watermelon!  I'm not a watermelon fan, so this was not a favorite of mine, but if you enjoy fruity drinks, you'll probably like this!


  1. We LOVE Club Cool!  My then 9 year old had little old ladies worried about his health after he made an awful face trying Beverly!  So much fun! 

  2. My first trip in there - last June - my best friend pulled out her video camera before giving me the Beverly.. yech!