Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Newest Hidden Mickeys- Part 4

Cman was eating Cocoa Puffs a few weeks ago and told me Mickey was in his cereal... I questioned, but sure enough, the three puffs were in the shape of a Mickey head!  The head was the same size as the ears, but it was still Mickey to him!  
Then a few days later he told me he found 2 more Mickey ears.  One was on the top of a pull zip cord for a race car.  Again, a little out of proportion, but he still said it was Mickey!  I really question the third one, but I'll still post since Cman swears it's Mickey... It's the foam stopper to go on the door.  This keeps little fingers from getting squished in the door.  It is called a Door Mouse, but I don't think it looks anything like Mickey!!

So, there ya have it.  Three more Hidden Mickeys at the Green house- all found by little Cman! :)
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  1. So cute!  Isn't it amazing how little ones can find Hidden Mickeys at such a young age?

  2. I like how he thinks.

  3. Boy, is he observant!!  (And well-trained, tee-hee...)