Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stars Fell on Alabama~ Connections to WDW

This week, instead of featuring a guest blogger from Alabama, I'm sharing some tidbits with you connecting our wonderful state of Alabama to Disney.  If you know of other facts connecting the two, please let me know!
  • The 1995 Disney movie, "Tom and Huck", was partly filmed in Cathedral Caverns in Woodville, Alabama and in the town of Mooresville, Alabama.  (Mooreseville happens to be a small town nestled between my hometown of Madison, AL and my current city of Decatur, AL!)
  • Hoar Construction (click the link and scroll halfway down to see photos of the projects) based out of Birmingham, Alabama has fostered a successful relationship with Walt Disney Imagineering over the years, completing multiple projects such as: 
    • Fantasyland Expansion Attraction: 21,000 square foot core and shell for the new anchor attraction in Disney’s Magic Kingdom
    • Fantasyland Expansion, Phase 2: re-theme the Barnstormer Coaster, construct a new Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, and replace the Toontown Railroad Station
    • MGM Feature Animation: 4-story, 225,000 square foot steel frame structure with acoustically treated specialty studios built to house animators for Disney Imagineering; ABC Excellence in Construction Award Winner
    • Village Marketplace: 50,000 square feet with 36 point of sale stations 
    • Rock ‘N Roller Coaster: 60,000 square feet; constructed while park was open and fully operational 
    • EPCOT’s Mission: Space: 50,000 square foot concrete shell
  • In the movie "Cars", character Darrell Cartrip is an announcer for the Piston Cup races. He is a 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and a former Piston Cup Racer. This character is based on former NASCAR racer and Fox Sports commentator Darrell Waltrip, who also provides the character's voice. With 16 of Waltrip's 84 career wins, it is displayed at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in Talladega, Alabama.
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  • The Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group, an affiliated group of The Walt Disney Company, produced "Sweet Home Alabama" starring Reece Witherspoon in 2002.
  • Monsanto is a a US-based multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation and has had plants in Alabama.  Monsanto has been the corporate sponsor of many attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. 
    • DL: Hall of Chemistry (until 1967)
    • DL: Fashions and Fabrics through the years (from 1965-1966)
    • DL: Monsanto House of the Future (from 1957-1967)
    • DL: Adventure Thru Inner Space (From 1967-1985)
    • WDW: Magic Eye Theatre at Epcot
    • WDW: Circle Vision 360
  • As much as I don't want to post this picture, I will, for the sake of my state!  At the All Star Sports Resort, there is a "Crimson Tide" pennant on one of the buildings which is a nod to The University of Alabama... WAR EAGLE! ;)


  1. What an interesting post.  How cool to be able to tie your home state to so much Disney history!  I have a friend who is from Alabama and loves Disney - maybe I should hook you up with her for this series.

  2. Heidi- I'd love to have more guests for this series!  Right now, I only have one more for next week.

  3. Great post, Beth! Did you know that the governor of Florida at the time WDW was being built and first opened -- Gov. Claude Kirk -- was a U of Alabama law school graduate? Roll Tidd!

  4. Ha. Roll Tide.