Friday, December 2, 2011

Destination Disney: W

We're down to the letter "W" with Heidi's Head.  Crazy how fast this alphabet Disney Destination has gone!  It's been a lot of fun and I'm anxious to see what is ahead for my Friday hopping with Heidi! :)

Now, on to the "W" pictures from Walt Disney World...

Water Art

Window Clings

Water Splash (That's me in the poncho!)



"W" Scavenger Hunt: Wristband and Wildlife Guide

Walt Disney's Star

Water Parade


Walt Disney World

Wooden Toy Soldiers

Winnie the Pooh

White Rabbit

Watching "Wishes"


  1. So many W's!  And I love them all!

    Any ideas for what we should do next?  I think we'll take a few weeks off, and start back up when I get home from my trip. :)

  2. Awesome pics Beth, you have given me some ideas for more W's

  3. Wow, you came up with so many w's. After seeing yours I thought why didn't I think of some of those.