Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mickey Mouse Pinata Tutorial

Last month, several of my blogging friends and I participated in a Birthday Party for Mickey Mouse!  We each took a different area of the party and blogged about ideas for our area.  My area was games.  For one of my games, Cman and I made a Mickey head pinata to bust!  It was quite the hit with my little man.  He enjoyed making it and busting it!  

Below is how we made our pinata.  Thanks to Kalleen "At Second Street" for the inspiration for my pinata!

plates to trace
crepe paper
hole punch
optional: tissue paper

I did not have any old cardboard boxes at my house, but I did have a three sided cardboard display board.  (And I always thought the only purpose for these boards was science fair projects!)  I used a dinner plate and a candy bowl to trace the shape of Mickey's head twice- one for the front and one for the back.  Once it was traced, we cut it out.  I also cut out a strip of cardboard about 2 inches wide to hold the front and back shapes together.  Once this strip was cut, I rolled it up and made it "bendy" so it could curve around the head shape.  

Once all my pieces were cut out, I started attaching the 2 inch strip to the front of the Mickey head with tape.  Then, I attached the back of the head with tape.  I left the area between the 2 years open to stuff the candy in!  While I was taping, I only used a strip of tape every 3-4 inches.  Using much more than that would make it too hard for my little guy to bust it open!  Once it was all taped together, I used a hole puncher to make a hole through the top of the head for the string.

After the holes were punched, we started covering the pinata in crepe paper.  I started with the sides and worked my way to the front and back.  Kalleen used tissue paper to cover her pinata before adding the crepe paper.  I think this is a fabulous idea... I just didn't have any black tissue paper at home and didn't think hot pink or neon green would look right! ;)

If you choose to cover your pinata with tissue paper, the next step would be to add crepe paper to the pinata to help give it more texture.  I used glue and made a spiral shape and literally glued the crepe paper down in a spiral following the glue without ever cutting or tearing the crepe paper during the process.  Kalleen did a much better job when she glued her crepe paper since she gathered hers to make it have a ruffled feel.  She also did each circle by itself which made the pinata have a beautiful look.

Since we were having a party for Mickey Mouse we left our pinata all black.  If you wanted to have a Minnie Mouse pinata, all you would need to do is add a red bow!

If you make a Mickey pinata of your own, I'd love to see how yours turns out!! :)


  1. This pinata came out great!  And to think it began as a plate and a bowl- so creative!!

  2. Love the Disney pinata! I am not kidding.  Someday you are going to have to adopt me.

  3. Did you ever cover the gap at the top?

  4. So cute! You can always get free cardboard at stores. I am totally going to do this since my hubby brought cardboard home from Costco :( Thanks!

  5. I'm making mine now! Slight variation because I'm making mine a pull-string piñata!!

    1. I'd love to see the finished product!! :)