Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Top 6 Things I LOVE about Christmas at WDW: #5

Number 5: Holidays around the World
One part of Christmas that I love is the Holidays around the World at Epcot.  Maybe it's because of my past as a first grade teacher.  Each year all of the first grade teachers would become "experts" on a few countries and their Holiday customs.  We would rotate the kids through our classes so they could all learn about each country.  Well, this is what they do for guests at Epcot!  Each country is sharing about their holiday traditions through a special theme that highlights its culture. Storytellers share stories of their heritage and how the holidays are celebrated in their country. If your kids are missing school to be at Epcot during December, I guarantee they will learn more from the storytellers than they would from their Social Studies teachers at home!!

Some of the Storytellers are:
Mexico: The Three Kings
Norway: Julenissen
China: The Monkey King
Germany: Helga
Italy: La Befana
American Adventure: Story of Hanukkah, Santa Claus, Story of Kwanzaa
Japan: Daruma Vendor
Morocco: Taarji
France: Pere Noel
United Kingdom: Father Christmas
Canada: Papa Noel

Papa Noel at Canada
Father Christmas at the United Kingdom
Nativity in the train display at Germany
While we don't have our own storytellers at home, we do have some Nativities from around the world to help us celebrate the Holiday of Christmas and the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ!
Nativity from Panama
Nativity from Costa Rica
Nativity from Nicaragua

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  1. We absolutely loved Julenissen at the #disney Norway pavilion.  He was funny and really brought the story to life.  It's definitely a must see.

  2. I was really sad that the storytellers weren't out in Epcot yet while we were there in November. I guess that means we'll just have to go back. :) Love your Nativities.

  3. I'm with Mary! My favorite storyteller was Julenissen at the #disney Norway pavilion. He was hysterical! Thanks for linking up to the Countdown to Christmas blog hop:)