Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 6 Things I LOVE about Christmas at WDW: #4

Number 4: The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

Since I recently blogged about the AMAZING light display with Magical Blogorail Green, I will not write again about how awesome I think it is!  Instead, you can just go back and read what I said the first time! ;)

There are two things you need to be on the lookout for that I didn't mention in the post above:

  1. The Hidden Mickey's- The imagineers who help create this amazing display always hide some Mickey's in the lights.  While I was there in 2010, I did not see any.  Honestly, there were so many people and I was trying so hard not to run over people's heels with the stroller, I forgot to even look. :(
  2. The Hidden Cat- Rumor has it that in 1995, when Disney was unpacking the Christmas lights, a cat made of lights from the previous Halloween made it's way into the light box.  The imagineers decided to keep it in the display and move it around each year for guests to look for.  My friend Melissa has a picture from the cat in 2009.

Another reason I love this display is that I know some of the Osborne's relatives!  They have shared with me some stories about being at WDW following Christmas with Jennings' family.  Every year from Dec. 26- New Year's Day, the Osborne family (and extended family) are The Guests of Honor at Walt Disney World.  Disney puts them up in the Grand Floridian and drives them where they want to go as their special guests.  I would always look forward to hearing what the family had to share about their trip each year. I hope that this year Disney still honors the Osborne family since Jennings' passing in July.

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