Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Boo to You Parade at MNSSHP

Every night during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties, the Boo To You Halloween Parade runs at 8:15 and 10:30.  The parade starts in Frontierland by Splash Mountain, heads towards Liberty Square, passes in front of the Hall of Presidents, over the bridge to the Hub and down Main Street USA.  During our trip in 2011we chose to go to the 8:15 parade- I wanted to make sure Cman was awake to see it!  We finished some of our trick or treating and found a spot right in front of the Liberty Tree Tavern.  We got there about 40 minutes prior to the start of the parade.  We bought some popcorn, took pictures and tried to pass the time before the Headless Horseman made his way down the street.

The parade was one of the best I've ever seen at Walt Disney World.  The music was fabulous, the floats were great and the characters were awesome!  I just wish I could get autographs and pictures with all these characters.  There were some really rare characters there and seeing them dressed in Halloween costumes was so much fun!  

My favorite scene in the parade was by far the Haunted Mansion!  It started off with Horace Fusslebottom (the caretaker) and his bloodhound.  They were followed by the grave diggers!  They were fantastic as they used their shovels as instruments by banging them against the concrete!  At the end, they would drag their shovels across the ground to make sparks!  After the grave diggers, you saw the ballroom dancer zombies waltzing down the road.  Following the dancers you saw Madame Leota's and others graves on a float, followed by the hitchhiking ghosts.  Amazing!!

My photos are yucky, but it was the best I could do with my point and shoot.  Sorry.


Don't forget to stay til the very end.  After Goofy's float passes, the cast members will pass out candy to the kids.  Make sure your littlest kids are in front so they can see and hopefully get candy at the end.  Be ready to grab them up at the end of the parade before they get trampled by others rushing to the next ride!

My son was 33 months when we saw this parade.  He was fine through the whole thing.  While it is part of the "Not So Scary" Party, some younger kids may be frightened by some of the characters, villains and costumes.  While there are some scarier parts of the parade, there are just as many happy and light parts mixed in.  The parade is quick, so when the villains or scary parts come, just know it won't be long before a "good guy" comes with happy music, costumes and dancing!


  1. Love this Beth!! I really want to visit WDW around Halloween so we can go to MNSSHP!!  Thanks for making me feel like I have been there for Boo to You Parade!!

  2. Melissa_FillingOurBucketJanuary 10, 2012 at 2:06 PM

    I love the Boo To You Parade!! The song gets stuck in my head super easy, but it is one of my favorites. We are planning on going in October 2013, so I'm excited to go to MNSSHP with my son!