Friday, January 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: Skyway to Tomorrowland

I'm happy to be participating in Deb's Flashback Friday hop!  I love getting old photos out of the albums and scanning them into the computer... if only I could figure out how to get the old VHS movies, which are burned onto DVDs now, onto my computer so I could upload them! :)

Today's Flashback Friday shot was taken from the sky on the Skyway to Tomorrowland buckets.  I'm sure my dad took this picture on our trip in 1983 since mom is scared of heights!  I just wish we had a shot of us in the bucket.

I do miss the Skyway.  I'm not sure exactly why it closed.  A few rumors I've read online are that it closed due to the death of a cast member at WDW in 1999 and the park guest at Disneyland in 1994 who fell out of the gondola.  Or it could be for economic reasons.  I've also heard it was due to the fact it was not wheelchair accessible, but several rides still aren't accessible, so that doesn't make much sense...

Do you know why they closed the Skyway attraction?

 Focused on the Magic


  1. I miss the Skyway very much. It was always a highlight of the MK day until Peter came into our lives. He yelled and screamed so loudly in Russian babyese, I'm sure they heard it in the WS! Wish they'd bring it back!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up to the #Disney Flashback Friday Blog Hop!! 

  3. I wish I went on the Skyway before it closed. It would have been fun to the castle up that high! :)