Monday, January 30, 2012

Meeting an Imagineer

I know at Walt Disney World you can pay to have a meal with a Disney Imagineer and have a chance to talk with him or her while you dine.  While I have not done this, I have had a pretty cool conversation with an imagineer- on accident! :)

While we were at Disneyland in 2010, I wanted to see Captain EO, but my hubby did not.  I chose to see this attraction while he and my son rode the Matterhorn one more time.  While I was in the waiting area waiting on the preshow for EO, I started eavesdropping on a conversation between a father and daughter, who appeared to be about 12.  He was telling her all about the movie and when it was out in the 80s at Walt Disney World.  He was telling her about how great it was, for the time, and that it was directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas.  He was going into great detail about how state of the art it was, the special effects and how they pulled out all the stops for this production.

I think he saw that I was listening and he asked if I remembered the movie or if this was my first time to see it.  I told him I did remember it from WDW in the 80's.  We started talking more and more about WDW and Disneyland.  I told him this was my first trip to DL and he said they were still new to DL too.  He wanted to bring his daughter to see Captain EO and that was the purpose of their trip to the park that day.  He asked how familiar I was with WDW and I chuckled inside! :)  He asked if I had ever stayed at the All Star Resorts because he was a Disney Imagineer who worked on the plans for the All Star Resorts!  He had worked in the Orlando area for Disney for almost 20 years and just recently they had moved him to Anaheim to work at Disneyland.  He did not tell me the project he was currently working on and I didn't ask.  He did say what a dream it was of his to work for Disney and that it is a fabulous company to work for.  His family was treated so well and the perks were the best!

While I wish I had had more time to talk to him, I loved the few minutes we did talk before the show started!  I sat next to him and his daughter during the show.  It was very cool hearing him lean over and talk to his daughter the whole time about what was going on and how special it was for the year it was made.  He was smiling and laughing the entire time.  I guess for an Imagineer to see this production come back after almost 20 years, it is pretty exciting!


  1. Very cool Imagineer experience!! 

  2. Wonderful- thanks for sharing your story!