Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mr. Incredible, how many kids do you have?

In honor of the autograph post from yesterday, I'm going to share the conversation that was held between me and Mr. Incredible after he signed my book.  Yes, this would be better if I videoed myself "telling" this story (since Mr Incredible talks with hand motions) instead of trying to type it, so bear with me!!  "Me" is obviously me, Beth.  "Bob" is Mr. Incredible... you know, Bob Parr?

Me: Hi!  Would you sign my book?
Bob: nods yes.  takes pen and book.  signs.
Me: Thanks!  We want a picture too, when your wife finishes signing his book (pointing to Cman, my son)
Bob: nods yes.  points to Cman.  points to me.
Me:  Is that my son?
Bob: nods yes.
Me: Yes.  He's my son.  He's two.
Bob: claps hands.  nods yes.  points to me, points to Cman and shows me one finger.
Me: Is he my only son?
Bob: nods yes.
Me: No, I have a 10 year old at home.  He stayed with daddy because he has school.
Bob: nods yes.  Points to himself and holds up 2 fingers.  nods yes.
Me: You have 2 kids?
Bob: nods yes.
Me: Are you sure?  I remember Violet, Dash and Jack Jack.
Bob: slaps forehead.  shakes head no.  points to me and nods yes.  holds belly while he laughs and slaps his head again.  holds up three fingers.
Me:  That's what I thought!  You do have three kids.  Sometimes it's hard to remember them all, right?
Bob: nods head yes.
Me: You ready for a picture now.
Bob: BIG nod yes!!


  1. Beth, I love when you share the stories of your family enjoying the wonders of WDW!  Some people can relate the facts; not many can translate the spirit of the place to the printed word.  You do that all the time, and it makes me feel like I took the trip with you! Thanks for the magical thoughts, and blessings to you for a wonderful 2012!

  2. I love it!! How crazy is it that you know more about his family than he does!! We are all a little Disney obsessed, aren't we??

  3. Thanks Carl!!  That means a lot.  I hope you too have a very blessed 2012.  Maybe we'll meet in WDW this year?!?! ;)

  4. I saw that you were "talking" to him, but didn't realize the content of the conversation! That's funny.  What does it say when you know more about Disney characters than they do themselves?  lol!

  5. What a great moment!  That is so funny!