Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's Tip: Birthday Calls For Your Kids

Did you know on your child's birthday your child can receive a special phone call from Mickey, Minnie or Jake?  Since C-man was having a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" Birthday party this year, I signed up  online for him to receive a birthday wish from Jake!  You can choose the character, the date, the time of day and the phone number where you want the phone call to happen.  I chose 9:00am since I knew we would be up and we wouldn't be too close to crunch time for the party!  I set a reminder alarm on my phone at 8:55, so I would be ready for it.  As soon as the phone rings there is a message saying you signed up for a phone call and you have to press a specific number/ symbol (sorry, I can't remember which!) to retrieve the message.   Once you press that number the character starts talking, so have your little one near by to pass off the phone!

C-man was shocked to have a personal phone call from Jake on the day of his Jake party!  It was a rather long message and C-man got bored with it, but he still liked it!

I would suggest any parent with kids who are fans of Mickey, Minnie or Jake to sign up for this service.  It's free and it can help make your child's day complete!

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  1. I have to remember this for my kids' birthdays!  They would love it!