Thursday, March 29, 2012

Destination Disney: 9 Favorite Characters

It's time for Destination Disney again with Heidi!  Thanks for hosting, again!!

This week, our theme is "9 Favorite Characters."  This is a hard one for me (almost as hard as last weeks!).  I LOVE meeting the characters.  My goal is to one day meet them all... which I know will never happen because some just NEVER come out!  Anyway, here are my 9 Favorite Characters that I have met in the parks:

#9 Clarabelle Cow  I think I like her because she's classic and so rare.  I've only seen her once on all my trips to WDW.  Now that she has made a "come back" on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, my youngest even knows who she is!

#8 Esmeralda She is another "rare" character now. I really enjoyed the movie "Hunchback of Notre Dame" and LOVED the stage show at MGM Studios back in the 90s.

#7 Queen of Hearts  Part of the reason I like "the Queen" so much is the memory that goes with meeting her!   When we met her several years ago, she was so fun to interact with!  She wouldn't just "smile" for a picture, she continued to try to take off my head...

#6 Cruella DeVil  Yes, she is mean and she frightens me a bit!  She's a great villain to meet at the parks.  Being a "face character" she will interact more with you and talk to you.  She NEVER gets out of character and I love to hate her! :)

#5 Anastasia/ Drizella Yes, this is technically 2 characters, but it's hard to find one without the other, so I'm lumping them together.  While I've met them both to get them to sign my book, I somehow lost the picture, so this parade photo was the best I could do!  These two are hilarious to meet!  They are just the same in person as you would think after seeing the movie!

#4 Mr Incredible   I have met Bob Parr, AKA Mr Incredible several times at the parks.  But, one "conversation" we had makes him rank in the top 9 of Favorite Characters.  Do you know how many kids Mr Incredible has?  Apparently, he doesn't!

#3 Belle  I couldn't make a top 9 list without including at least 1 princess!!  While I'm not really a "princess" kind of gal, I do love Belle.  She is my favorite princess and if I were to be a character at the parks, I would want to be her.  I think I'd rather wear her blue dress and apron rather than the yellow ball dress too! :)

#2 Naveen  I love the movie "The Princess and the Frog" and Naveen is my favorite prince!  He has been the best prince, BY FAR, to actually meet.  He is hilarious and I love how he continuously "ribbits" while he's talking to you!  Plus the fact that he offered to let us come back to meet them when my son wasn't crying made my day!

#1 Mickey Obviously, my favorite character is Mickey Mouse himself!  While I've met him many, many times, it was the last time I met him that was the most special to me.  I told him I was pregnant with this baby before I had even told my own parents!!  He graciously took a picture with me while patting "the baby!"  (and Minnie's face is quite priceless too!) 


  1. That photo with Mickey is adorable! It was so hard to narrow down my list too. I am jealous of your Esmeralda photo. I loved that show!

  2. What a great list! I have yet to put my list together.  This one is tough and I'm trying to decide my "angle". LOL  Anyway, I love your pictures, but the last one is PRICELESS! 

  3. Awesome list and great pics, especially the last!!!!  

  4. This is an awesome and diverse list!  Very cool :-)