Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February 2012 WDW recap: day 1

Sunday, February 12 started out really early for us!  Neither Jonathan nor I could sleep (I was too excited, I don't know what his issue was!) so we decided to get out of bed at 3:00am and start getting ready for our drive to WDW.  We ended up leaving the house at 4:00am CST to make our 9+ hour drive to Orlando.  We stopped for breakfast, lunch and gas... along with a few quick restroom stops.

We arrived at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort around 3:00pm EST and made our self at home.  We unloaded our car and got our room settled while I watched Stacey Aswad!  After we were settled, we decided to stroll the grounds of our resort and get our bearings straight since we had never stayed there before.  After we spent time at the French Quarter, we took the boat down the Sassagoula River to Downtown Disney.  This was a great ride where we were able to see some new things at Disney!

Once at Downtown Disney, walked around the Marketplace and look at the stores.  While we didn't buy anything, we got lots of ideas for our boys and ourselves!  We ate dinner at Earl of Sandwich, had dessert at Ghirardelli and I bought my next morning's breakfast at Babycakes NYC! :)


  1. we use our first day at disney to get unpacked and settled, too! we don't hit the parks until the next day when we can go at it with a fresh start. our drive is 18-20 hours straight through depending on stops and traffic, so the day of rest is needed! and we always hit downtown disney that first night there! it's a great way to start our trip off!

  2. Sounds like a perfect first day-our drive is 10 hours from NC so we usually arrive around 3 or 4-do the pool and then head to downtown disney. Love the idea of breakfast from Babycakes. Totally doing that on our next trip!