Monday, March 5, 2012

THE Video With My Announcement

Well, here it is.  The "Disney" video I made to show my youth.  You may want to just fast forward to the end (around 4:45)!
This is how I told them I was pregnant with Baby G~ through a video slide show "promoting our mission trip" but ending at the Haunted Mansion** for the big announcement!

**Disclaimer.  We aren't morbid folks.  I promise. Almost 4 years ago I told my youth I was pregnant with C-man.  I did it at a cemetery.  We went for "Destination Unknown" (where I take the youth group to an unknown location in town to have a lesson based on that location) to the city cemetery.  The lesson was on life after death, so after the lesson I asked the youth what they thought the opposite of death was... 'life' was their answer.  I said, "yeah, but some people think birth is the opposite of death.  And... we're going to have a birth sometime in February of 2009!"  They all screamed and started texting.

Fast forward to a few months ago.  The youth told me if I were to ever get pregnant again I had to tell them in a cemetery!  This was the best idea I could come up with!! :)

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  1. This has to be the cutest video I have ever seen! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Super happy for you guys. :0) Hugs!