Saturday, April 28, 2012

Destination Disney: 5 Favorite Snacks at WDW

Better late than never.... Here's my Top 5 Snacks at WDW with Destination Disney at Heidi's Head.

1. Cupcake(s).  I LOVE cupcakes.  Particularly chocolate cupcakes with white or white butter cream icing.  You can't beat the combination... I've tried.  I've had several different cupcakes at WDW and have a real hard time narrowing down which chocolate cupcake with white icing is my favorite.  For now, I'll go with the Cotton Top Tamarin Cupcake at Animal Kingdom!

2. Mickey Shaped Pretzel.  While the "regular" soft pretzels are very yummy, there is just something about a soft pretzel shaped like Mickey!  On our last trip, I think we had 4 of these things in Frontierland. Yeah, I love em.

3. Mickey Shaped Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple.  I have to get one of these on each trip.  Usually I get it on our last day and bring it home with me.   They are soooo big it's hard for me to finish it in one sitting.  It's also a lot easier to eat if you have a knife to cut it into sections.  Plus, bringing it home means the Disney magic lasts a little bit longer!

4 Main Street Popcorn.  There is something special about the popcorn on Main Street USA.  It tastes, hands down, better than any other popcorn.  It's even better if it comes in a plastic, take me home with you, container paired with an ice cold Diet Coke!

5. Mickey Cookies and Cram Ice Cream Sandwich.  Delish!  On a hot day at Walt Disney World this hits the spot for me.  While others choose the Dole Whip, I'll pass on that and grab some chocolate Mickey shaped ice cream!

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  1. Great list!  And the host hasn't even posted her list yet. (I'm at a blogger's conference this weekend!)

  2. You are so right about the popcorn on Main Street. I've been craving it lately! I'm going to have to try that cupcake, it looks yummy.

  3. Yum, what a great list!!  Love the candy apple :-)


  4. Where do you get the apples?

  5. I know I've gotten one at the Confectionary on Main Street and at Goofy's Candy Co at Downtown Disney you can create your own!

  6. james @ HomeisWheretheMouseisApril 30, 2013 at 12:23 AM

    My wife swears by Main Street Popcorn! Got to be from a cart on Main Street. I'm not a popcorn person, but I will eat a little of hers.