Thursday, April 12, 2012

Destination Disney: 7 Favorite Things Outside the Parks

I love this list!!  Thanks for hosting Heidi!  Today I'll list my 7 favorite things to do at Walt Disney World outside the parks!!  I really enjoy the water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, but I consider them "parks" so I didn't list them...  Here are my top 7, starting with #1:

1. The Campfire Movie and Chip and Dale Sing along at Fort Wilderness.  My mom and I found this treasure in 2006 and I fell in love.  We tried to go back last September for another movie, but C-man was too tired and ready to head back.  I didn't want to push him!  On other trips, the movie selection for the nights we had available were not what we were interested in seeing.  It's hard to convince an 11 year old boy, 3 year old boy and a husband to sit through a "princess movie!"

2. Downtown Disney- shopping, dining and just plain walking around.  This is a must on each trip.  Many times it's the first thing we do since we arrive later in the afternoon and don't want to "waste" a park ticket on half a day.  I still want to ride in the Characters in Flight balloon and rent watercraft from Downtown Disney!

3. Resort Hopping.  I love to see the different resorts on property.  You can do this by resort transportation (buses, boats and monorail) or take your own car.  You can do the Boardwalk/ Crescent Lake resorts or the monorail resorts easily in one trip.  I think I've been to almost all of them, even if I haven't stayed there.  I'm only missing Caribbean Beach, Old Key West, Swan/ Dolphin and Bay Lake Towers.  Adding them to my list now...

4. Taking a ride on the Sassagoula River Boat Cruise.  We found this treasure on our last trip.  Staying at Port Orleans, we took the River Boat from our resort to Downtown Disney.  It was so cool to see a different part of WDW.  If you aren't staying at Port Orleans, I suggest you take a bus from one of the parks to Downtown Disney and transfer to the River Boat on the Marketside of Downtown Disney and head to Port Orleans to take part in #5.

5. See YeHaa Bob at Port Orleans Riverside!  Bob Jackson is a performer (singer/ piano player/ comedian) in the lounge.  But, just because it's in a lounge doesn't mean kids can't come.  I would be VERY comfortable bringing both of my boys (ages 3 and 11) to his show.  It's fabulous!!!

6. Resort pools make my top 7 list even though we don't spend much time at the pool during our vacations! The times we have taken a dip, it's been so relaxing and enjoyable.  Many of the pools are so uniquely themed, it's fun to visit them even if you don't swim!

7.  Riding the Monorail.  This is my favorite "mode of transportation" in the park.  In fact, my current ringtone on my phone is the Monorail phrase, "Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!"  I do miss being able to ride up front with the driver though... only at Disneyland now.


  1. Great list!  We agree (no surprise there!)  I seriously miss riding up front on the monorail - those were fun times!

  2. Great list!  I should have put Yehaa Bob on mine!!!

  3. I so want to do the  Campfire movie and chip and dale sing song, hopefully next time! Plus I love to ride that monorail too! Great picks!

  4. Wonderful list!  Great minds think a like  and I love your photos!