Friday, April 27, 2012

Magical Blogorail Green: Favorite WDW Character Dining

Welcome to those of you joining me from Adventures of a Disney Princess and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

Today we're sharing our favorite character dining experience.  While I've experienced a lot of different character meals, the Tusker House at Animal Kingdom is my favorite!  In September of 2011, my mom, son and I went to Donald's Dining Safari Breakfast for the first time.   We had reservations for 30 minutes prior to the park opening.  This made for awesome photos of the Tree of Life prior to the meal. Nobody was anywhere near us so I got a "people free" shot of the Tree!!

Once we arrived in Africa at Tusker House, we had a PhotoPass picture made with Donald.  This was the only time we saw Donald at the breakfast.  Once seated, we saw Mickie, Minnie, Daisy and Goofy greeting guests at their tables.  The waitress brought us our "jungle juice" and took additional drink orders, then it was on!!  We made our way to the buffet!  Of course I had to get Mickey waffles.  I'll eat almost anything shaped like Mickey and these waffles are no exception!

On the buffet, there were several different options:
cereals/ milk
muffins/ pastries/ cinnamon rolls/ etc
bread pudding with vanilla sauce
biscuits and gravy
scrambled eggs
potato wedges
frittatas- veggie and ham/ cheese
corned beef hash
carved honey glazed ham
and more!
As you can see, there is something for everyone.  My son had plenty he could eat and even vegetarians could find plenty of items to eat.

I think my favorite part of this meal was the characters- surprised?!?  We "met" all of the characters multiple times and they spent a lot of time at each table "talking" and playing with the kids.  C-man was in heaven interacting with his friends!  But, the clincher was the "parade" that Mickey led.  He passed out African inspired percussion instruments to all the kids and had them line up.  Each child played, rang, shook or beat their instrument as they marched around the restaurant following Mickey.  

If you have never experienced Donald's Safari Breakfast, I highly suggest you do!  You can get great food and meet the "best" of the characters in my opinion.  Make your reservations prior to park opening and get a few good photos before your meal too!
Laughing with Mickey.  Posing with Daisy.

Loving KK and Goofy.  Gearing up for the parade!

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  1. We did this one on our last trip and LOVED it! I have a reservation for September now too!

  2. I've never done this one, but I guess now I have too. :) I love the look on his face as he's watching Mickey in the video. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We did Donald's Safari for the first time about a month after you did! We'll definitely be back!

  4. We have never been to this character meal.  We actually considered going last trip and changed our minds last minute.  Seeing this, I wish we had kept to our original plan!  This will be another character meal I will be adding to our next trip!  Love the photo of the Tree of Life and your t-shirts!